Let’s get through COVID-19 together!

Whether you manage a vacation rental, a boutique hotel or a chain hotel, you need to take world-class actions in order to deal with COVID-19 uncertainty. Be sure, the precautions you will take will not only help you get over COVID-19, but it will also contribute to the recovery of your revenue afterwards.

Here are some actionable recommendations and steps to take to begin the road to recovery:

Don’t lower your rates too much, it will damage your property in the long term. We are predicting that the tide will turn by the summer. So don’t panic and implement a rate strategy you may regret later!
Connect to new sales channels, especially to the local ones. It’s important to stay active on the existing sales channels that you’re working with but remember to discover new ones as well. You can discover new channels on your HotelRunner dashboard and make your direct contract with them.
Start using metasearch engines like Google Hotel Ads. Let your potential guests book directly via Google Search and Google Maps.
Invite your local guests. Domestic travel could also provide you with revenue. Develop special offers and messages like “you still need to relax, even if you don’t go far away.”
Encourage longer stays. Now might be the time to promote 3 for 2 offers!
Remove all restrictions on rates. Your guests are more likely to book if they feel they can cancel easily if they need to.
Highlight free cancellation. If you are offering free cancellation, make sure that it is prominently displayed on your website to make sure your visitors continue to the booking engine.
Focus on your extras and add-ons to encourage your guests not to cancel but reschedule their booking where possible.
Tell your customers that you have additional cleaning and disinfection in place. Ensure that they know you are taking their safety very seriously and have strict cleaning policies in place. You can announce it with a pop-up on your website’s landing page or with an email.
Take advantage of free services like HotelRunner’s Website and Booking Engine for cost-cutting.

We can only get through these times together! As HotelRunner, we can assist you with all of the above and much more. Contact us now and let’s take the next steps together!

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