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HotelRunner Experiences: MyAdress Alacati Hotel

MyAdress Alacati Hotel is located in the heart of Alacati, a small town in the Aegean coast, whose streets smell of lavender. Welcoming its new business managers in 2017, the hotel is in the safe hands of a big family of close-knit individuals, like in its early years. Every detail from the kitchen to the garden is carefully thought out, this hotel intends to be a boutique hotel that will provide its guests with the comfort of their home.

MyAdress Alacati is only minutes away from Alacati Beach, surfing schools, Ilıca Beach, Pasalimani and Ayayorgi Bay so that guests can feel the Aegean spirit not only during the summer but the whole year. With its 18 specially designed rooms, large and spacious lobby, outdoor pool, sunbathing garden and family members that you can reach at any moment, the hotel is a reflection of the peace that Alacati and Cesme gives you.

Have you ever tested Kopanista Cheese and Ladik Molasses made of sugar beet? What about palm olives? MyAdress Alacati family promises a breakfast which is a must for Alacati accompanied with the morning sun that warms the guests, and they also love to sit down and have a long, pleasant conversations with their valuable guests.

During our pleasant meeting, Nazım Kaya, the new business owner of MyAdress Alacati Hotel, told us about how they started working with HotelRunner, and their HotelRunner experiences.

“After we sent an email to HotelRunner, they returned to us very quickly. After they gave the HotelRunner training and the necessary information, we became a part of HotelRunner within a day. When we went to the meeting, we saw a very experienced team during their presentation. They were able to answer all of our questions.

The first thing I say to those around us who saw our experience and said, “We want to do the same” is “Talk to HotelRunner first”. There are so many alternatives to find and rent a hotel in a convenient destination. However, there are very few alternatives for hotel sales management platforms that you can get such good support.”- Nazım Kaya, MyAdress Alacati Hotel

You can watch our video for the entire conversation. We thank Nazım Kaya for this sincere conversation, and the thoughts she shared!

Emre Çorbacı

Marketing Communication Manager

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