Take the necessary precautions to avoid Coronavirus!

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spreads rapidly, it is crucial for you to take the necessary precautions so that both your staff and your guests feel safe and happy.

To help your property get through this period with minimum problems, we gathered some of the best practices for you.

Protect your staff: Keep your staff up to date with the latest regulations from local health authorities. Make sure they wear gloves while handling check-ins and check-outs, baggage and cleaning rooms. Teach your team to identify common symptoms of the virus and what to do next.

Be proactive about sanitation: Consider these tips for keeping your guests and work environment safe:

Wipe down your front desk throughout the day using a cleaning solution with at least 70% alcohol.
Encourage guests to wash their hands. Visibly place hand sanitizer, soap, and tissues in common areas.
Add a sanitation kit as part of your room amenities.
Routinely disinfect surfaces people touch, including elevator buttons, door knobs, room keys/cards, TV remotes, bed-side phones, light switches and more.
Use disinfectant when washing linens.

Avoid close contact between guests: Consider temporarily closing your hotel gym, pool and/or spa. Encourage guests to eat their meals in their room instead of the restaurant. Provide pre-made, ready-to-go breakfasts instead of a buffet selection.

Use disposable wear: Remove glassware from rooms and swap them out for disposable ones. Serve food on disposable plates—even better, make them recyclable.

Be quick to assist ill guests: Tell guests to notify the front desk if they’re not feeling well, or experience any common symptoms of the virus. Assist them with staying in their room. Contact local health authorities and follow the protocol they provide. Ensure guests have emergency contact numbers for your country.

Encourage guests to self-quarantine: If needed, follow local health regulations and assist your guests with staying put. Offer room service and leave meals outside their room. Make sure your staff avoids contact with quarantined individuals. Once they check out, it’s recommended to wait three days before cleaning.

As HotelRunner, we care for you and always here for you!

Andrew Gogus

Community Manager

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