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Common features of successful hotel websites


Today, websites are among the most effective marketing tools for any kind of property. A website that belongs to you and which is under your control could be your primary digital marketing activity, especially if you can also change and update its content in line with circumstances and developments.


Throughout the world, more than 2 billion Internet users visit countless internet sites, but not all of those sites can bring the same results when it comes to achieve targets. Some companies can benefit from this giant online potential to promote their enterprises, make sales and expand their business, while some other miss such potential only because their websites are not properly established to achieve those targets. The importance of websites is increasing everyday in accomodations industry, and taking the right steps about your website could actually change the fate of your property to your benefit. We have compiled common features of the most important websites in the accomodations industry. Now, you can distinguish the right and wrong steps you take for your website and increase influence…

Easily accessible detailed info

Your website should, above all, be able to respond to all concerns of your visitors as potential guests. Facilities of your property and any details one could wonder should be explained on your site through properly prepared texts. And more importantly, navigation between such texts should be easy.

Impressive photos

No matter how important the texts are, the effect of photographs is higher when it comes to marketing and sales. Photographs on your webpage could tell more than the pages-long texts for your potential guests, and play a major role in triggering the purchasing decision emotionally.

Multi-language support

In order to reach all the potential guests, your website should be able to communicate with them in their own language. Start with the languages of your primary target groups and increase the languages offered on your website. Then you could see higher returns on the sales. That’s why the multi-language support of HotelRunner is among its most attractive features.


If you have a property, you need to be able to accept reservations on your website. This would not only help you increase your profitability by making sales independent from agencies but also make it easier for your customers who could quickly make a reservation on your website.

Directing to reservation

If you take a look at successful hotel websites, you can see that one of the common features of those websites are special texts and sections aiming to redirect visitors to reservation. Guiding visitors as potential guests in their decision-making process, this redirecting option is visibly effective in increasing the number of online reservations. This option invites visitors to the reservation form through loud and clear expressions. Placing it on different sections of the website could also increase the rate of returns.

Search engine optimization

No matter how meticulously prepared it is, your website will not serve its purpose, if visitors cannot find it on search engines. Therefore, search engine optimization for your website and using proper infrastructures are more than important. HotelRunner offers you a host of features from assistance about websites, online reservations and search engine optimization to social media management and a wide range of free website themes. It also equips you with unique advantages for highest returns on digital marketing activities. Have a look at and join HotelRunner family. We’d be more than happy to guide you in increasing your sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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