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The advantages HotelRunner offers for properties and online agencies

Technology transforms all the business methods in the travel and accommodation industry just like the changes it brings in all other fields. The most significant contribution of the Internet to the accommodation industry is observed in the online sales and digital marketing activities. Considering that there are up to 3 billion Internet users in the world, it becomes more evident that the hotels and agencies willing to access their target audience has to be present in the online realm.

HotelRunner also aims to move all the properties and travel agencies to the Internet, enhance their recognition across the global market as well as boost their profitability by helping them reach more customers.

In the HotelRunner platform, accommodation properties and travel agencies can create and manage their custom online content quite easily. It enables the hotels to manage all the customers and rooms through one system and accept bookings from hundreds of online channels, while helping agencies access thousands of hotels. Thanks to HotelRunner, it is possible to manage any digital platform like a social network or blog through a single system.

Let’s have a closer look into all these services and advantages offered by HotelRunner for properties and agencies.

A professional website and mobile site

The Website Builder powered by HotelRunner is a flawless content management system which helps you build and manage a website for your hotel. In addition to this online booking infrastructure, you can also design pages, forms and other various elements.

Furthermore, HotelRunner boasts free-of-charge and internal mobile booking features. Customers accessing your site through their mobile devices can also view your site without any hustle and book through mobile phones.

Facebook page

Thanks to the social media integration features offered by HotelRunner, you can easily promote your rooms, amenities and services on social media. This way, your followers will recommend your hotel to their friends, book rooms, share photos taken during their stay at your hotel and comment on your hotel.

Apart from these, your Facebook page contains a commission-free booking widget, so your prices, promotions and special deals are updated on your Facebook page automatically without dealing with any additional actions.

Social promotions to utilize to boost social media recognition

Another advantage offered by HotelRunner is the promotion widget which deploys all kinds of promotional applications from basic discounts to period-specific deals, from long-term stays to early-booking or last-minute booking to bring you recognition, while increasing your bookings.

The chance to accept online bookings and payments from hundreds of sales channels

Thanks to the channel management feature of HotelRunner, you won’t need to direct all your digital marketing activities to a single channel. Tapping into the channel manager, you can disseminate your inventory across sales channels and travel agencies and thus bolster your visitor traffic and sales.

Online payment options

HotelRunner provides you with a reliable and secure online booking solution without needing a POS system. Thanks to HotelRunner’s booking system, you can accept credit card and PayPal payments through integration with banks providing payment systems and virtual POS. By building your payment infrastructure in a few minutes of time, you can start PayPal and credit card payments easily.

Advanced visitors and sales reports

The HotelRunner platform boasts the internal analytics reporting tools that allow you to track the functionality of your website and display your achievements and the topics you need to focus on. Therefore, you can track your chart of online performance and build the right strategies as to increasing your bookings. You can easily access all the information like check-in details in a trice thanks to the analytic reports.

HotelRunner collects all these needs under a single roof for companies to become stronger in global competition and keeps serving for the travel industry through continuous improvement based on customer needs.If you want to access your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create your free HotelRunner account and start using the features offered by HotelRunner immediately.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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