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5 tips to achieving creativity in hotel marketing content and social media


For all the industries and organizations, social media has marked the most effective method to expand customer portfolio and manage and reach out the target group. Attainment of such a communication volume is critical in terms of showcasing possibly the most proper approach and creativity in social media posts. That kind of creativity has also come out in website content. You can stand out with your creativity through website builder for content management system of hotel websites and utilize the ever-efficient and fully-equipped management system, website builder, by benefiting from HotelRunner ’s expertise.

What should you consider when creating content for your hotel’s website? How to design the most creative content and social media posts? As HotelRunner, we have come up with 5 tips for you to expand your customer portfolio with posts on your website and social media.

1. Use the power of images

Content has a huge influence both on website and social media content almost in all industries. You can build that connection you dream of between your property and customers by using professional photos or videos to highlight a certain feature of your property, instead of dealing with ordinary stock images or vectors.

If you want your customers to build a bond with you as a result of seeing your images and videos, you can have a control over in this thanks to the website builder. HotelRunner website builder provides you with such an option, and the setting is up to you to achieve the effect you want to create. You can also make the most of your images by utilizing HotelRunner website builder when building your hotel’s website, as you can access all the tools to make your dream come true.

You may share your website photos and videos also on your social media channels by creating content which is as effective as the images themselves. Remember to post all your image content including the photos and videos on your social media channels on a systematic basis to achieve this. To post systematically, you can take the advantage of social media tools and manage all your social media channels from one single system.

2. Create a signature motto and social media tags

Highlighting the distinction on website content is a determiner in your prospects’ preferences as they go through all the relevant websites and see similar kind of content on each of them. That’s why you should take into account your hotel’s distinctive features and theme to evoke that target feeling which you can, then, use as a motto. Based on that moto, you can determine your social media strategies as well.

You can announce that catchy motto as a short and pleasurable tag on your social media accounts and ask your customers to share their own holiday experience or dreams with these tags. This way, you can strengthen the bonding your customers have with your hotel.

3. Having original website content

Another factor boosting your sales in hotel management, especially the number of direct bookings on your website, is the website design. Tap into the perfect website management system of HotelRunner, i.e., website builder, to achieve a user-friendliness in your website bookings and facilitate such transactions. Well, if you really want users to find what they look for through the categories and avoid dealing with viewing problems, you need to have a control over on your site with website builder.

Additionally, original website content, which is achieved with your website design, boosts your hotel’s recognition, builds trust vis-à-vis customers and plays a determining role in the preferences. You can also post creative content and make a distinction by quoting your website’s original content.

4. Be Inspired

Check out the social media accounts of your competitors and foreign hotels. Find out where they have the most intensive engagement. This way, you can also draw attention by following the same kind of approach when creating social media tags or building your promotional strategies.

If you are having difficulty in being inspired from the websites and social accounts you check, well, you have HotelRunner’s expert team to give you insights and guide you in determining your strategies.

5. Take the advantage of true stories

Customer testimonials are effective original sources to refer to for your hotel’s website content and social media accounts. Their holiday experiences, photos and written feedbacks will draw a lot of attention, firstly, because they are true. Also, photos and videos posted by real customers help build trust for your potential customers, proving a lot more effective than ordinary stock images everyone can access.

6. Focus on social promotions

HotelRunner’s promotion widget system can assist you in sharing your social media images with more people. Integrate the promotion widget into your website to boost the engagement with your social media followers on your social media accounts and increase the number of bookings on your website. This way, your customers can share booking actions on their social media accounts.



Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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