Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for hotels

You basically have two options to introduce your hotel to new guests on the Internet. Online ads and search engine visibility. Online ads, despite their inherent features, require allocation of a certain budget as the traditional ads do, for you to convey your message.

On the other hand, you do not pay for the visitors coming to your web page as a result of performed on search engines such as Google. The issue here is that visitors mostly focus their attention only into the higher-ranking results of search engines. Research reveals that more than half of the search results are beneficial only for the web sites listed on the first page. That said, majority of the users do not even have a look at the results on the second page while searching.

A higher search engine visibility for your hotel is, therefore, of utmost importance in terms of ensuring an organic traffic. Studies toward search engine optimization, also known as SEO, are equally important.

Here are some notes as to what search engine optimization can mean for your hotel…

First of all, one should understand that SEO is an effort aiming to properly convey websites’ content to search engines. Contrary to the common belief, SEO is not an activity to mislead search engines. Keeping this in mind during the course of your SEO studies can both increase the efficiency of those studies and decrease the risk of misperception by search engines.

Yet, you need to be able to speak the same language as the search engines in order to tell your websites’ content properly. The utter priority for search engines is the users searching. Similarly, the purpose of search engines is being able to speak the same language as the users searching on the Internet. Therefore, you need to take into account those users while conducting your SEO study.

Search is actually an attempt to find the highest quality web pages relating to the key words users determine. Search engines try to adopt the same system. While searching, they list the most relevant out of the millions of websites they subject to hundreds of parameters, based on the rank of relevancy.

That’s why you need to determine, as the first step, for which keywords you should conduct a SEO study. You might be more interested in seeing your website pop out among the first results with the key word “hotel” but, instead of such a competitive word, it may be clever to pick the keywords “Bodrum hotel”, for example, which primarily include the name of your region. “Find a keyword” tool by Google is a tool that may give some guidance for you to try out different keywords. This tool also suggests alternative keywords for you.

Many other factors such as continuously updated website content, presence of such keywords in a certain amount in your content, and the number of other websites providing links to your website would directly affect your rank in search results, after deciding on your keywords. We will keep guiding you with more detailed SEO articles in the days to come.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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