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How can you protect your property’s website against Anti SEO attacks?

In the realm of Internet, which is home to fierce competition, many websites might drop in search ranking, losing their original place on the first pages, as a result of external tampering. And it might be too late by the time sites notice this. Starting from scratch may cause damages for websites both in terms of time and potential traffic.

You may also see your website drop in Google search results all of a sudden when trying hard to carry it into the top results. This stems from attacks called Anti-SEO. Unfortunately, this method is experienced more often in industries with fierce competition, like the tourism industry.

What should you do against Anti SEO attacks? Here are some tips for you.

How to detect Anti SEO?

No matter how often you update your content and demonstrate SEO efforts, you may notice that your page drops in Google’s search ranking. If so you should check the words indexed about your site by using the Google Webmaster Tools. Utilizing this tool, you can view all links coming from other sites in detail by checking “links to your site”. If links to your website have nothing to do with your services and property, you may be faced with an Anti-SEO threat.

Google Webmaster Tools might support you in your struggle against Anti SEO. Tapping into these tools, you should check backlinks periodically to notice Anti SEO attacks earlier.

Another method to detect Anti SEO attacks is through which you may check the“anchor text” feature to see which words bring links to your site. If these words have nothing to do with your property, you are faced with Anti-SEO attempts.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you become aware that you are faced with an Anti SEO threat, you should immediately activate the option of “reject all links” through Google Webmaster Tools.

After taking the necessary cleansing action, you may inform Google by notifying them of all the backlinks involved in the Anti SEO attempts against you. This way, you may report to Google that these backlinks do not belong to you and you are faced with an Anti SEO threat.

After cleaning spams and irrelevant backlinks and informing Google, you should remember to click “activate all links”.  This way, you may make sure that backlinks bringing traffic to you website will keep doing to.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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