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Tips to access more users with your OTA’s blog

Blog posts might be quite productive tools for your OTA to have more effective communication with your customers and support SEO works. You can facilitate constant communication with your existing and potential guests by creating a blog for your OTA. At this point, blogs might also prove useful in developing closer relations with customers.

In addition all these advantages, you may utilize call-to-actions in your OTA’s blog content to direct your readers to online booking, which will enhance both your site traffic and earnings.

If you wish, let’s have a look into the benefits your OTA might reap from a corporate blog.

The position of blogs in the travel industry

Blog content features more of a sincere language which establishes rapport with the reader compared to the websites. This facilitates the bonding between the company and customers. Such a bonding is the base for customer loyalty efforts.

Related research shows that blogs with sincere content draws more attention. Readers pay more attention to useful, high-quality and sincere content which doesn’t directly imply an impression of advertising.

A study on travel trends suggests that 40 percent of participants definitely check websites and travel blogs for obtaining information before purchasing and booking rooms. This rate provides a significant suggestion about the possible contribution of blog content to your site’s traffic.

What should you do to attract more traffic through your blog content?

Creating original content

If your blog content is original and high-quality, readers seeking traveling suggestions may prefer you over the other platforms engaged in the same industry. This content can also increase your readers’ trust in you, create a permanent bond between you and your target audience, and drive more traffic. At this point, remember that content copied directly from different sources on the Internet might bring your blog down both vis-à-vis readers and in terms of SEO.

Using keywords

To ensure that more Internet users access your blog content, you need to consider the use of keywords in your content. If you determine the right keywords, you will also reach and introduce yourself to users asking for related information.

Social media integration

It is critical to utilize social media platforms to promote your online agency. Sharing your blog content on various social networks, you can increase your blog traffic and thus increase your profitability through the quality traffic your OTA achieves. Also, if the content you share on social media platforms is attractive, such content might become viral when different users share it.

Serving as effective tools of communication for your online agency, blogs can increase your OTA’s traffic and profitability thanks to the readers it reaches. If you also want to boost your brand recognition and revenue through blog posts, come and meet HotelRunner now. Create your account now to take the advantage of privileges offered by HotelRunner, which helps you manage all your agency’s sales and marketing channels easily.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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