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Is your property’s website self-doomed to failure?

There are a large number of parameters and tons of details you should check and consider when managing your property’s website. Managing your website properly and conducting regular improvements can be an effective way to increase the number of your visitors and online bookings. If you experience a decrease in their number, you might be the primary reason causing it.

When websites start losing visitors, the cause is usually thought to stem from external causes. Visitor losses are mainly caused by the shortcomings in design and infrastructure, but even small details related to user experience may lead to loss.

We have investigated the hidden dangers affecting your online bookings negatively and the precautions to take against them.

Design issues

A complex or overcrowded layout might distract your visitors.  If your pages -especially your main page or campaign pages- have too many items to let visitors find what they are looking for easily, this might work at your disadvantage. Excess and oversized images intensify this feeling of crowdedness. Other factors causing visitor loss include a excessive amount and range of colors and fonts as well as a complex menu layout. Therefore, you better adopt a design approach that is as plain and result-oriented as possible. Learn from Google’s search page…

External links

Analysis reports show that the average time visitors spend on your website is among the most significant parameters that can affect your online bookings. External links featured on your website such as videos and news content can affect this negatively. For instance, since visitors are exposed to a huge amount of interesting videos by social video networks with rich content, you might not be able to redirect your visitors from these channels when you direct your visitors to them. Therefore, it would be a better solution to host your multimedia elements on your own server rather than in external links as long as you do not have to.

An effective way of increasing the number of site visitors, social networks can actually have a negative impact on your online booking rates. Each link -e.g. your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts- you add to your website through extensions have a determining role in your sales.  Social networks are specialized in stalling their visitors. Therefore, using external links properly and using your social network accounts to drive more traffic to your website can help increase the number of your online bookings.

Unmeasurable optimization

One should be careful when dealing with search engine optimization efforts on pages (on-page or on-site SEO): SEO can be a great tool to increase your site traffic, but when it is not managed properly, this effect is reversed. Including too many keywords for all pages is among the most common mistakes here. Keeping the number of words limited to 2-3 per page and keeping them targeted can improve your organic traffic and user experience.

The attention span of Internet users has decreased as mobility has grown in importance. So, there are issues to be considered in terms of design and optimization when designing your website and preparing your campaigns. In such cases, you can prefer to leave it to the experts and focus on sales. HotelRunner supports you so that you will not encounter the abovementioned issues and can enjoy both a rapid and effective solution.

Offering professional solutions for the online needs of the accommodation industry, HotelRunner can bring benefits for your property on the Internet, thanks to its expert team and robust platform. Create your account now to experience the privileges of HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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