Methods to receive more “backlinks” for your online agency’s website

There are various ways to attract the traffic you need for your online agency’s website. Links directed to your websites are among the most effective methods to this end. Called “backlinks”, these links have currently increased in number. Search engines take into account the number and quality of your backlinks when determining the ranking of your website among search results. Therefore, if you can manage to receive enough backlinks for your website, the number of your visitors will increase accordingly.

How can you achieve this? Which websites are useful for receiving backlinks from? Moreover, is your website worth receiving links?

Here are the answers to these questions and some significant issues you need to know in order to receive links from other websites.

Your website should have original content

Your online travel agency’s website content is highly crucial to receive backlinks. You have to create your website content in an original and interesting way. You should enrich it with visual elements like photos and videos, e.g. from the tours. Therefore, you can draw the attention of both search engines and other tourism-related websites.

Networking matters

There are various blogs or social media networks based on traveling and tourism. Contacting the authors of such websites might prove useful. If they are informed about you and your content, it might be easier to receive links for your site from these people.

The effect of social media

Having an account on social networks for your agency can bring about many opportunities to receive back links. You should pay attention to sharing your articles or updates from your website or your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Therefore, the number of your potential guests will increase, which will also improve chances of networking as we have mentioned above.

Contests boost recognition

Organizing contests is a traditional but still very useful method. The biggest advantage of contests is that they allow more people to discover  you. If you manage to organize an effective campaign, you can increase the number of your backlinks as well.

Receiving a large number of backlinks from quality websites for your online agency’s web site will increase the number of your visitors and online sales potential remarkably. Then you can make sure to have a strong infrastructure which is compatible with all platforms. HotelRunner is an award-winning platform featuring every thing you need to this end. Create your account now to earn immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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