Search engine optimization (SEO) tips to enhance your agency’s blog

Creating rich content containing keywords related to your industry is important for driving more traffic to your online agency. Blogs are channels that meet this need quite effectively. With content marketing, which is one of the most effective SEO tools, your site can be featured in the top results of organic searches.

When users search, they mostly prefer the results shown on the first page. How can having a blog contribute to SEO?

All search engines including Google in particular have updates tailored for users to offer more quality sites. Blogs updated regularly offer the best and most permanent way to obtain visibility through content for the time being. You can also increase your online bookings by creating quality content suitable for your target audience.

Here are the search engine optimization (SEO) tips to enhance your agency’s blog:


The titles of the articles on your blog are the first things your potential customers will see, so they have a major role in determining if the rest of your article is read or not. Therefore, you should always choose short and message-oriented titles consistent with the content. It should be noted that extremely long titles might not be viewed completely on Google’s search result pages. Adding a 160-character-long summary in the description part of your pages will boost your SEO efforts. These lines which are displayed right under the search results will give your potential customers information about your content.

Content marketing

What you should consider the most when it comes to content is that it should be original: Using copy-paste content will not only damage your SEO efforts, it will also bring you minus points from search engines. You should make sure to make your content consistent with a certain subject. For instance, you can prepare a blog only on cultural tours rather than a comprehensive blog related to all fields of tourism. Then you can reap the results of your efforts in a shorter time. You should avoid grammar and logic errors in your articles as well as use of irrelevant keywords.

Visual elements

Usage of a great amount of images is a tried-and-proven and recommended method for SEO. When it comes to the technical aspect, images should be in web supported formats like jpeg, gif, png and bmp. When uploading your multimedia files, you should make sure not to neglect the titles, descriptions and tags just like when creating a new page. You should elaborately fill these fields which are taken into account by search engines and make the most of the potential SEO advantages in terms of using images.

Mobile SEO

Search engines care about mobile-compatibility. There are roughly 2 types of websites when it comes to mobile-compatibility: The first one can be thought as a website completely designed for mobile use as an addition to your desktop site. The second one, which is a more popular method, is called “responsive design” and it can adjust itself according to the screen size. It can be said that search engines tend to feature responsive designs more than the mobile sites.

Promotion and analysis

Having corporate accounts on social networks and sharing your blog content regularly in these accounts constitute a large part of optimization. Although it has a lower rate of interaction as a social network, Google mostly prefers featuring pages that have a Google+ account. When encouraging users to like, comment on and share your posts, you should avoid sending repetitive forceful messages (spam). Spam can dramatically damage your SEO strategy.

Optimization through content makes up only a part of your SEO activities. You can consult specialists for the part requiring technical specialty. Consisting of a team of experienced experts, HotelRunner, a secure platform for your online agency, can facilitate things for you at this point. HotelRunner can become a solutions partner for you regarding anything you need from SEO-compatible preset themes to Google Analytics support in order for you to carry your agency to the Internet. Create your HotelRunner account now and start accepting online bookings immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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