The importance of receiving backlinks from other websites for agencies

Offsite search engine optimization (Offsite SEO) is a term referring to certain technical adjustments on existing page structures causing a not-directly-observable impact to ensure higher ranking of a website in search engine results. There are various offsite SEO methods suitable for online travel agencies. Redirection to your website from others (backlink) is a relatively less known yet effective method of offsite SEO.

Receiving backlinks are a considerably useful method in terms of search engine marketing for your online travel agency. Organic backlinks received from relevant and good quality sites with the help of a professional are more effort- and time-demanding compared to bulk-purchasing backlink packages from unknown companies; however, they are more reliable and provide guaranteed results in the long term. For search engines, it is essential that the source of backlink appeal to a theme, industry etc. that is similar to that of your website.

So how can you receive redirections from other websites to yours? There are some certain methods to achieve this. Let’s begin with introducing organic backlink types.

Automatic links

The backlinks given from the editor of a page without your involvement are in this category. These backlinks, which are from websites that like your content, are closest to the ideal backlinks. You need a high quality website that is always up to date to receive such backlinks. Therefore, you can attract large websites and blog with high traffic.

Mutual links

These are the links you build through contacting other websites and blogs that are engaged in the same industry as you. As your themes are similar, you can contact them to recommend building mutual links. Therefore, you will be more likely to be noticed by large websites and boost your recognition, which will increase the chances of of receiving backlinks automatically. Of course, having good quality content is a reason for preference in receiving backlinks from the sites you contact, just like in other natural links.

Social media links

This can be sort of described as “promoting oneself”. This category includes links from your own website that you post on your different social media profiles, blogs or industry forums to the extent permitted. Although it has some impact on your recognition, it should be noted that this method is not considered important by search engines.

Guest authorship

Another method to receive backlinks is to be a guest author on different websites related to your field. You can both contribute to the website you are invited and receive backlinks in return by writing articles on various travel blogs and websites.

In addition to these methods, you can be proactive and attempt to search the links provided by sites with high traffic. Most of the websites include links to industry-related sites. Inactive links with removed content or page or unpublished by the website are called “dead links”. When not checked by site administrators regularly enough, dead links can be overlooked easily. You can report deadlinks and recommend to use the link to your website instead.

If done properly, receiving backlinks contributes to the quality score of your website, so that you can be featured in the top search results. HotelRunner is all you need to promote your property through your website utilizing the traffic coming from search engines, and increase your sales by accepting direct online bookings. Create your account immediately and start earning now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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