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Tips for directing potential guests to purchase on your website

Call-to-action buttons (CTA) make it possible for you to lead your potential customers to purchase or fill forms through the links you feature on your website. These buttons can either be in a visual format or just a plain text.

When a potential customer who hasn’t seen your property yet is provided help to learn about your property, this visit will be more efficient for him/her, while it will be easier for you to obtain sales from this visit. CTA buttons placed in proper sections of your website will help you direct your visitors to the right pages.

However, these buttons should respond to their current needs or make a suggestion as to their next step for them to be effective. When preparing CTA buttons for your site, you should also take into account what consumers expect from your website.

However, our notes on CTA buttons are not over. Here are things you should know to use them more effectively on your property’s website.

Be clear and to-the-point

After deciding on the next step for your content, make sure that the CTA buttons consist of clear and to-the-point words. That’s why you should avoid using a commercial language in these buttons.

Use time limitations

When designing a CTA, you may add texts that contain time and character limitation. For instance, you may use buttons stating that the number of bookings are limited – although discounted – and the offered price will be valid for a limited period of time. This might prove quite effective regarding the purchase decision.

Facilitate things for users

If your website’s visitors start the booking process through CTA buttons, do not give them a reason to leave the process unfinished. The most ideal option is a layout which helps them find answers to their questions easily and receive instant support when necessary.

You should remember that this process is more important especially for mobile devices. Please also note that all CTA buttons you will use should be easily clicked on the screens of smartphones.

Do not avoid CTA repetitions

If you increase users’ awareness of CTAs in some parts of your content with written or graphic elements, their attention will be undivided. It will be useful to use multiple CTAs in various formats rather than only one unless it distracts users.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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