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Tips for receiving more online reservations

There is an increasing trend in the number of guests opting for online reservation for their accommodation requests. The latest studies show that 26% of the users visiting a hotel’s website aim to make an online reservation. Another 20% visit those websites to find out the hotel prices. As a next step, this 20% probably make reservations through the website, which means that each is a potential guest.

Those figures are too high to dismiss for hotels. In order to meet rapidly-increasing online reservation expectations, you need to be able to facilitate online reservation on your website. There is not much to be done if you are a HotelRunner user. Thanks to HotelRunner, everything is under your control, including but not limited to credit card acceptance, security certificate, your tax adjustments, and reports about non-completed reservations.

One should also note that increasing the number of online reservations is the next important step. Here are some tips for you to receive more online reservations…

Display the online reservation option on your website

You might think that it’s already well-known tactic. If users visiting your website cannot see this option, though, offering this option would not mean anything. Please note that you should place the online reservation option and its link on the most-easily displayed area of your website.

Announce that you offer online reservation option

It is important to ensure that visitors of your web page display the online reservation option. What’s more important, however, is to ensure that your potential customers, who have not visited your web page yet, are informed of such option.

For this purpose, you might announce through campaigns on various channels that your guests can easily make online reservations on your web page. For this announcement to spread, you may arrange a discount campaign or share a press release with the media and internet sites engaged in your industry.

Let your previous guests know

Inform your previous guests that you now offer an online reservation option. Sending a short and informative e-mail would be enough for them to learn about this option.

Revise your SEO studies

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is an efficient and low-cost marketing method. The opportunity for your guests to find your hotel while searching on the Internet is extremely important. However, the item searched is not always the name of a hotel.

Let’s say you have a hotel in Antalya. Majority of users would search key words such as “room + breakfast”, “hotel spa” or “apart hotel”, along with “Antalya hotel”. Achieving to have your hotel rank among the first results of this search would mean more visitors hosted by your website. The higher the number of your web page visitors is, the higher your online reservations will be.

You can actually see how much the rate of online reservations have increased on your web page if you properly conduct SEO studies. The only thing you need is a web site that offers an online reservation option. And you don’t need to be worried because the only thing you need to do is to visit this address; sign up for HotelRunner that provides advantageous conditions for free, and start using it immediately…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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