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To what extent do you make use of the potential of your website?

In our era, having a website has become a must for every property. Businesses disregarding the importance of online promotion will be probably missing the opportunity of tapping into a great potential.  However, it is not enough to have a website only. What matters is that one should be able to use this effective tool properly.

First of all, you should make sure that your potential guests access your website. We share a lot of various articles on HotelRunner blog to show how you can achieve this.  Thanks to the different marketing methods and tips we feature, you can attract enough visitors to your website. In other words, you can create traffic on your website.

It does not end here, though. The most critical part actually starts here because each person visiting your website is actually a potential guest for you. Here are some tips to make use of the potential of your website and increase your sales…

Focus on the result rather than the traffic

Enabling traffic on your website is something important; nevertheless, that is not the only thing you should do. If you fail to consider any visitor of your website as a potential guest while striving to attract more visitors, a considerable part of your efforts might be in vain.

Try to attract the right target group

Your primary goal should be to access the right target group, which can be described as the required “quality traffic”. You need to work on the channels through which you can access the right target group before you get into attracting visitors to your website.

Set your goal

Providing “quality traffic” for your property’s website is also not enough alone. Your website should have a goal. Each website might have a different goal. Yours, however, should be accepting direct online bookings because you are in the accommodation industry. Setting a goal from the very beginning and performing your activities accordingly, you will see your efforts paying dividends.

Redirect the visitors

Simply redirecting the visitors, who are part of your right target group, will mostly prove quite helpful in terms of achieving your goal. You can achieve this by relying on your website’s infrastructure and texts. You will also witness how redirecting your visitors to online reservation could increase your sales once they receive the necessary information about subjects they are keen on.

Use a proper infrastructure

You need to use a proper infrastructure for your website before you get started with what we have described above. This infrastructure should provide all the options necessary for a hotel and enable online bookings while ensuring reliability and user-friendliness. HotelRunner is an all-in-one platform that brings together all of these features. Besides, it allows you to create your website and enjoy the features you will need for achieving the true potential of your website. Create your HotelRunner account and immediately start increasing the profitability of your property through direct sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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