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What should you take into account when choosing the infrastructure for sales and promoting your property?

In our era, technology has become the best supporter of the accommodation industry. Almost all modern properties have started using it throughout the various stages of their activities but it might be difficult to make the correct choice when it comes to technology. Therefore, you better consider some critical points before you decide which infrastructure to use when promoting your property and achieving sales.

If you are competent in managing technology and follow the new trends, you will not have any problems. Nevertheless, not everyone is able to catch up with the technologies used in the accommodation industry, while focusing on other daily tasks at the same time.

We would like to help you with that. Let’s focus on what you should consider when choosing the infrastructure that will help you promote your property and achieve sales.

What will the chosen technology affect?

First of all, the infrastructure you choose for your property should provide you a practical and cost-efficient website, the primary factor with a direct impact on your promotional activities.

In addition, this website should be compatible with your existing sales channels and even enable you to diversify them. There might be a problem with your infrastructure if your potentials guests are not able to quickly access the booking screen via a page on your website.

If it is integrated with social media and other digital media channels, all your marketing activities will be enhanced. Also it needs to have an advanced analytics feature if you want to closely follow up your digital marketing activities.

The details you should consider before making your decision

By answering the following questions, you can evaluate the infrastructure you plan to use in a healthier way and easily see if it is really suitable for you:

– Does it help you achieve more online sales in a easier way?

– Does it enable you to manage the availability of your property and prices instantly?

– Is it easy to use both for you and your staff?

– Will you receive helpful and uninterrupted support whenever you need to?

– Are you able to manage different sales channels from one center?

– Are you able to access larger target groups with a multilingual structure?

– Is it an advanced infrastructure that is developed by the experts of the field?

If you can answer all these questions positively when you examine the infrastructure you plan to use, you might have the one you are looking for! HotelRunner infrastructure by CloudArena, which focuses only on the accommodation industry, has features that provide you with even more than the above mentioned. If you wish to integrate your property to the HotelRunner infrastructure, you can create an account without using your credit card now and increase your sales immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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