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What you need to know about your property’s mobile-compatible website

The use of mobile devices has become more common than ever since the beginning of 2000s, first starting with smart phones and now continuing with the common use of tablets. A large majority of Internet users connect through mobile platforms, which makes mobile-compatible websites more important than ever.

In our era, if properties do not have a mobile-compatible website, their digital marketing activities are dramatically suspended, while their online sales decrease. What should keep in mind when it comes to a mobile-compatible website?

HotelRunner has compiled what you should know about this subject.

What is a mobile-compatible website?

With its most basic definition, mobile-compatibility means that your website can be accessed and used easily through smart phones and tablets, just like through computers. As the screens of mobile devices are smaller than those of computers, you should re-adjust the visual elements on your website accordingly. At this point, make sure that you maintain the uniformity of your website as you establish its mobile-compatible form.

Thanks to the approach called “responsive design”, your website will have similar features and appearances across all kinds of devices. Alternatively, you can design two separate websites for access through computers and mobile devices.  However, this method will create excessive burden in terms of costs. Besides, it is not recommended for search engine optimization purposes either.          If your website has a mobile-compatibility feature rather than two separate applications, search engines like Google will assess it positively, thus include websites with “responsive design” feature in the top results.

What can you gain through your property’s mobile-compatible website?

Mobile devices have already become the source of a significant part of the Internet traffic.  This trend will continue to increase in the future.  That’s why having a mobile-compatible website is considered to be a crucial investment both for today and future.

Here are some of the primary benefits a mobile-compatible website can provide for your property:

Currently, an increasing number of users prefer booking through mobile devices.  It is a must for you to have a mobile-compatible website if you don’t want to miss the bookings from mobile users.
You can also observe a decrease in the rate of users who abandon your website. Since users will be able to view your website more easily the number of those abandoning your website will decrease immediately.
Your website is the reflection of your property on the Internet.  A mobile-compatible website will represent you more effectively and grow your reputation.
You will surpass your rivals thanks to your mobile-compatible website. Considering that many websites have not deployed this feature yet, you can take the advantage of it if you take action as soon as possible.

In 2014, it is impossible to take the risk of overlooking mobile-compatible websites for the accommodation industry. If you would like to access more potential guests, increase your sales and surpass your rivals, you should make your website mobile-compatible as soon as possible. If you are using the HotelRunner platform, things will become really easy for you since a mobile-compatible website is a standard among the innumerous features provided by HotelRunnner for you. If you have not met HotelRunner yet, create your account now and see what it can provide for you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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