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12 Steps To Create Your Own Social Media Strategy

The Internet has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, such that it has become inevitable for businesses to be online and use the Internet as a means of communication. The Tourism industry is also one of those industries where the Internet is widely used for research and reviews. Therefore, all properties are looking for ways to use social media actively.

It might be a good idea to collaborate with a professional organization for this, or you can carry out your social media management by yourself. In the latter case, creating a social media strategy for your business will prove very useful to make your while worth and improve your efficiency.

As HotelRunner, we are sharing with you the necessary steps you should take to create the best social media strategy for your property.

1- Know your target audience: The more knowledge you have about your target audience, the easier it gets to deliver your particular message.

2- Prepare beneficial messages: Note that your messages should provide benefits for your target audience if you would like to draw their attention.

3- Choose the way you address: Decide on how you will address your target audience according to the platform you are involved in, by considering the degree of formality or intimacy. However, remember that detached communication full of dull expressions might not be attractive for many people.

4- Hear your customers: Users of social networks are there to socialize as the name already suggests. They might easily be tired of hearing and following only the things you would like to say. Do not just be limited with delivering your message: show them you are open to communication and encourage them to get engaged and comment.

5- Use a single name across all social media channels: You might need to use multiple social media networks to access more people. Use the same name on each network, so that interested people from various networks will be able to access you easily.

6- Assign content authors beforehand: Content creation is a critical process. You should determine the person (people) to be in charge of content creation at the outset, so that any disruption or inconsistency in content delivery is avoided.

7- Be mobile-accessible: We live in an era where most of the users go online and log into social networks through mobile devices. Make sure that your website is mobile compatible or make use of proper solutions for this end.

8- Prepare proactive solutions: Social media is a public platform. Therefore, you might encounter some unexpected questions or comments at times. Create positive or negative case scenarios to respond quickly when necessary and prepare your reaction in advance.

9 – Identify your posting frequencies: Each social network has a different posting culture. Choose which frequency you will follow when posting on social networks that you will be present. In this way, you can eliminate the risk of being passive or alienating your followers by posting too much.

10- Measure: Scrutinize the interest level and reactions towards your posts and measure what kind of posts you benefit from, so that you can keep your social media strategy dynamic and open to change.

11- Determine Your Goals: Your goals will also show the effectiveness of your strategy. Therefore, if you will conclude that your strategy is ineffective, you can quickly take the necessary actions for revision.

12- Keep an eye on your social media team: This team will be representing you on social media, so always keep in touch with them. Praise them for what you like and warn them for what you don’t like. This way, their renewed energy can be reflected on your potential customers, and you can convey your objectives and goals to your team more easily.

Effective presence on social media is only possible with an infrastructure that will enable it. Thanks to HotelRunner, you can manage your social media, marketing activities and website properly. If you still do not have a HotelRunner account yet, create your account for free now and see the difference yourself.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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