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15 hints for successful e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a method that offers innumerable advantages, such as increasing website traffic and sales, improving customer relations, building brand awareness and loyalty. However, the success of your e-mail marketing activities first requires that you access your target audience so they can open your e-mails.

Fed up with spam e-mails, Internet users now check only the e-mails they consider to be appropriate for them. This has made “permission-based e-mail marketing” more important and effective each day.

Despite these, e-mail marketing is one of the marketing channels with highest ROIs, so your online agency may benefit from this channel to increase tour and property sales. Here are the important tips you should definitely note regarding this subject.

Determine your audience

1. You can get started by creating an e-mailing list by determining your target audience. We recommend you to make sure that the e-mail addresses you have should be “permitted” and up-to-date and belong to an audience interested in your messages.

2. We recommend you to ask for only the information you need to know to gather contact details. If you make the membership process harder with unnecessary questions, please keep in mind that you can lead some of your potential guests to change their mind about becoming a member.

Sending spams can damage your reputation. Therefore, make sure to target only the permitted receivers for your e-mail campaigns.

E-mail addresses can change. So, you better update your list by following the number of e-mails that are not delivered carefully after each campaign.

It would be good to include clear and concise texts related to your privacy policy in each e-mail you send as you ask for their personal information.

Send your message smartly

6. Don’t miss the actions of your rivals in e-mail marketing. You can follow them by subscribing to some of your important rivals’ e-newsletters.

7. To create the right message, you should first develop a marketing strategy outlining your goals and objectives.

There should be  consistency between your message’s subject and content. To achieve success, your e-mail’s content should meet your potential customer’s expectation created in the subject field.

9. Pay attention to make your e-mail texts short. The more sincere and customized your texts’ language is, the higher their impact becomes.

Choose the right format

10. E-mails generally contain texts, but you can increase your interaction rate by featuring formats like sounds, videos and animations.

11. You should minimize the use of italic letters and capitals so that people will not have difficulty reading your e-mails.

We recommend you to consider what your customers will view when preparing your message. You should also take into account that, most of the time, your e-mails’ font size will be 10 and the text type will be displayed as Courier.

Develop measurable results

13. Using different approaches, texts, offers and creative designs can work well in increasing the impact of your e-mail marketing activity. To achieve this, you better conduct an A/B testing and see which alternatives prove better.

14. Carry out measurements and analyses frequently. Which of your e-mails are read the most? Which of them have a higher potential to turn into sales? You can gradually create the best e-mail strategy by answering these questions through your measurements.

If you carry out multiple e-mail campaigns simultaneously, you can make improvements in your message once you reap the fruits of your first campaign.

To launch a successful e-mailing campaign, one needs to address the correct target audience with a value-added interesting message, and then conduct the measurements and evaluations meticulously. Your online agency needs an experienced and a reliable solution partner like HotelRunner to increase not only your e-mail marketing efficiency but also your tour and property sales as an online agency. Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now and see what we can offer for you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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