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Tips to enhance Facebook engagement for properties

Do the users following your hotel’s Facebook page contribute to your posts? Your followers need to like, share and comment on your posts if you want your hotel to succeed in social media marketing. Thanks to this engagement, you can access more potential customers, enhance your hotel’s brand image and build new different connections.

Well, it will be challenging to drive your followers yet it is not impossible. To facilitate this engagement, you must first take steps to create a pool of followers who enjoy following and interacting with your property. As HotelRunner, we have compiled the tips that might work well for you in this.

1. Engaging posts to pique interest

The first thing you should do to bolster your Facebook engagement is probably to share interesting posts to draw visitors’ attention. At this point, you may prepare entertaining and interesting content to enhance your social media marketing, along with hotel promotion. Additionally, you can feature posts from your guests staying in your hotel. Also, you may tap into the content you use for deals and events in your hotel.

2. Focus on interacting with your followers

Another point to consider when posting is to “touch” your followers in your posts. If you want to engage them, you should then offer content they will pay attention to, comment on and share with friends. For instance, a sweepstake on Facebook might be tempting for many. In addition, you may utilize a large amount of visual elements in your posts to increase your likes and number of people sharing them. To provide them with information about accommodation, you may prepare different kinds of content including accommodation tips and travel routes.

3. Use of call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) is generally featured in the conclusion part of posts and contains a few sentences leading the readers to an action. In these sentences, you may feature driving phrases like “join”, “sign up”, “visit our website” etc., instead of words of recommendation. Such sentences have an engaging impact over the readers yet you should use CTA’s reasonably, to the point.

You can encourage your followers to get engaged by tailoring your posts in such a way. This way, you will have a live and active Facebook page. As your Facebook page becomes popular, your property’s website may attract more people and thus your online bookings can increase.

You can tint your hotel’s Facebook page by tapping into our tips. Remember that you will first need to have a website with an online booking option if you don’t want to waste your investment in social media marketing & promotion. If you are looking for a quick and practical solution to move your property to the Internet, HotelRunner can be of help. Utilizing its preset themes, virtual POS and SEO support as well as robust cloud-based infrastructure, you can create a website for your property in a short time. Create your account now to benefit from HotelRunner’s features and advantages.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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