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2014 Facebook figures for Agencies

It has become a must to follow changes in social media networks where you can promote your online agency thoroughly and inform a great number of people about the novelties in your services easily. One of the most widely-used social networks for online marketing, Facebook is a huge platform with more than a billion users and over a million advertisers. As its number of users increases constantly and it brings together users with a wide range of profiles, Facebook is actively used also by brands.

Facebook offers the option of customer targeting with its age and gender filters, distinguishing it from other online marketing media. By utilizing this option, brands can ensure that their messages are viewed only by an audience matching the certain demographic features among the followers of their Facebook page. Knowing the latest statistics about Facebook can help you reap the greatest results from your marketing activities.

Here are the 2014 statistical highlights for Facebook…

Facebook is always available

Facebook remains the most popular network with about 1.3 billion active users. The number of Facebook users increased by 22 percent between 2012-2013 and almost half of its users follow it through their mobile devices. It is found out that 48 percent of users spend about 18 minutes on Facebook each time they log in.

The number of pages draws attention

There are more than 54 million public Facebook pages created by organizations or people and groups wanting to communicate with their target audience. We recommended you to always measure your page insights to use your agency’s page in the most effective way on Facebook, where visitor traffic is so intense. This way, you can also determine which of your posts are viewed more.

Changing user features

Young people are the locomotive of social networks; however, rates for other age groups are also relatively striking: According to the statistics, 89 percent of those between the age of 18-29 use Facebook. This rate is 72 percent for those between 30 and 39. And 60 percent of those between 50 and 60, 60 percent are found out to be using Facebook actively.  According to the 2014 data, the average number of Facebook users’ friends is 130. Another notable result is that each user follows about 80 pages of groups, people, institutions or organizations.

Every 20 minutes on Facebook…

One million links are shared, meanwhile the number of friend requests sent are twice this number. Users send 3 million messages every 20 minutes.

Users spend 640 million minutes in average on Facebook, which inarguably remains as the leader of social networks.

You can promote your online agency in the digital world, enhance your brand and increase your sales by using social networks effectively and properly. You can manage all your sales channels including social networks in the most effective and proper way with the help of the professional infrastructure offered by HotelRunner. If you aim to gain new customers for your agency and make online sales, create your HotelRunner account immediately and start accepting bookings now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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