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3 crucial elements that affect the booking decisions of guests

Making decisions on where to stay at has now become more difficult for guests than it used to be. Currently, there are more alternatives in many locations and they want to make sure to choose the best among them. A big majority of hotels guests are now able to make detailed research thanks to the Internet. For guests, such research plays a great role in making the right decision.

Hotel guests can obtain detailed information about properties while researching on the Internet and make their reservations based on this research. So, what are the most important details that affect the booking decision of a guest in today’s circumstances?

As HotelRunner, we have compiled 3 criteria that have the biggest role in booking decisions.

1- Rooms

Your rooms are in no way the only criteria taken into account by your guests. Other facilities and services offered by your property matter as much as the rooms do or even more than that.  However, they will first focus on the rooms when booking.

First of all, they care about the appearance of rooms.  Beds, other furniture and the overall decoration are among the most significant elements determining how attractive a room is. These are followed by the other details in the room.

Therefore, you should display captivating photos of your rooms on your property’s website that are taken from every angle. That’s not all though. You better not neglect sharing images and details from your rooms on your social media accounts, particularly on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

2- Photos

Guests might first focus on your rooms before making booking decisions, yet rooms are not the only criteria they consider. After making up their mind about the room, your guests will check other parts of your property. At this point, photos will be the primary source of reference giving them an idea about the specialties of your property.

It is critical for you to combine the interesting photos of sections, like the restaurant, lobby and pool, presenting a unified visual gallery of these sections on your website. Also, you should not neglect your social media activities. In conclusion what actually matters is that your potential guests should be able to view these numerous photos easily. You can present your photos in the most captivating way with your website provided by the HotelRunner platform. Also, you better display these photos on your social media networks in an sleek way just like on your website.

We suggest you to take a look at our article titled “Effect of photographs and some tips for marketing your property” which we shared previously.

3- Maps

After rooms and photos of your property, the maps are the third thing that are involved in your guests’ booking process. Your guests who plan to stay at your hotel would like to know its exact location. If your property is surrounded by historical, touristic attractions or commercial areas like shopping malls, it would be very useful to show these on maps.

This way, your guests can see other important places they can visit during their stay, which might have a direct impact on their booking decisions. HotelRunner can help you convert your property online in the best way. You can create a website for your property and start accepting online bookings by creating your HotelRunner account to enjoy a perfect platform with every detail carefully thought of.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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