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3 mistakes you should avoid on your online agency’s blog

Your online agency’s blog is an important digital marketing tool to access your target audience and communicate with your customers better. It can also help you increase your organic traffic through redirections to your website.

You can include campaigns and different types of compelling content on your online agency’s blog. However, it should be noted that useful content is the common offering across corporate blogs which readers are more likely to follow. Apart from news stories about the company, it can add value to your corporate blog to share useful content for users such as informative articles about the industry and research reports.

As HotelRunner, we have so far shared with you tips to help you become successful in many areas like content marketing and website management. In this article, we will try to touch upon some mistakes repeated on company blogs often.

Here are 3 mistakes you need to avoid when managing your online agency’s blog.

1. Using blogs only for advertising purposes

You might be using your agency’s blog only to announce campaigns and share information about your company. However, if you create content based on only this kind of e-newsletter mindset, your blog can become less interesting to readers. Readers will keep on reading a blog content if they have a positive answer for questions like “will it help me?” or “is it interesting?” Therefore, it might decrease the number of your followers if you use your blog only for announcements and advertising.

Instead, you can try to focus on useful content that draws the attention of your readers. For instance, it might be useful to share content about the most preferred holiday destinations in periods when holiday plans increase.

2. Non-integration between the blog and website

You can encounter negative results for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and brand image if you position your blog in a different source rather than a domain that belongs to you. Therefore, you can create your blog under a domain name like “” or a subdomain “” as a subpage on your website.   This will both prevent the organic traffic from search engines to be divided between your website and blog and help you enhance your corporate image.

3. Neglecting to post on social media

Your blog should be followed by Internet users to become successful. Submitting your content to more people by sharing it on social media platforms is among the most effective methods to achieve this. If you do not share your blog’s content on social media, your blog will reach only a limited number of people. Therefore, you are recommended to share your blog articles especially in social media communities you are moderating, and with your followers. This way, you can make it easier for your social media content to be liked and shared by users on their own page.

You can also turn your OTA blog into a more active and productive channel by avoiding these mistakes which are made often. A reliable platform like HotelRunner which consists of experienced experts can make things much easier for you. HotelRunner can become your biggest supporter in managing websites, blogs and social media in addition to its support in technical issues you need to carry your agency to the Internet. Create your HotelRunner account now and start accepting online bookings.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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