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3 significant tools that online agencies can use to manage social media

Social media is among the primary digital channels used by online agencies, just like all other companies, to access a larger potential customer base. Social networks not only enable agencies to reach their target group, but also offer hints as to the changing travel habits, popular destinations and customer trends.

To benefit from these advantages, one must be present on these channels by creating accounts on social media platforms. However, creating only one account is not enough to measure what goes on social media. To carry out these analyses, you had better use some social media follow-up tools.

As HotelRunner,we have checked out the benefits of social media measuring tools that can help your agency in achieving the original goal of your social media accounts.

Check your clout on Google + with Circloscope

Circloscope enables you to obtain an extensive potential in your promotion strategies that you will develop by identifying the circles of people contacting you. The most significant feature of Circloscope is that it can track the content flow in your Google+ updates and inform your target audience about these posts collectively.

Data mining on social media with NOD3x

NOD3x, which mostly focuses on Twitter, have features that help you analyze social media easily. This tool makes it possible to determine people who are interested in your updates, and to access them directly and collectively. It also help you learn which group of people follow you through its reporting feature through which you can build your strategy by following the periods when your posts draw more and less interest.

Curate Facebook posts

Enabling you to implement a specific strategy by allowing scheduled Facebook posting, Post Planner is not just an automatic posting tool. Capable to post in accordance with your strategies, this program also offers status update recommendations by checking your existing posts.

Post Planner also reviews “status” notifications of social communities targeted by your posts, enabling to share viral posts based on “status” updates.

For instance, when a group of users posts a status like “I’m bored”, you may develop comments like “Please don’t. Start planning your next vacation instead”.

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing tools you can use to receive quality traffic to your online agency’s website. You can also measure effectiveness of your posts on social media networks by taking the advantages of the tips you share. Therefore, you can receive more traffic to your online agency and increase your sales. You can manage all your sales and marketing channels easily with HotelRunner. Create a free-of-charge account immediately and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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