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3 tips to achieve successful social media campaigns for your property

Social media platforms are channels often demanded both by properties and visitors. These platforms make the promotion of the hotels easier. Also, visitors can access detailed information about a property they plan to stay at through the posts shared.

Properties can communicate with potential visitors by announcing campaigns and seasonal deals or sharing various images. In addition, properties willing to achieve engaged interaction offer deal vouchers and gift holidays for potential guests through social media networks.

What kind of a social media strategy should you follow to accelerate your promotional activities and increase the sales figures? As HotelRunner, we have compiled the tips for you to carry out successful campaigns on social media.

Finding the right social media platform

First of all, you had better find the right channel to promote your property and manage social media campaigns. You should make sure to determine the social media platforms where your customers are engaged in the most and announce your promotions and campaigns thereon. When you determine that platform, it will be easier to share your campaigns with a wider target audience. Also, you can increase your property’s sales and promote it effectively, thanks to the social media platforms.

Sharing planned posts

After determining the right social media platform for your property, you must know which content you will share. Firstly, you might need to build a content publishing plan. Make sure to include in this plan the special days for your property (season opening, anniversary, etc.) as well as busy seasons like Christmas, festive holidays in this plan. Also, you should determine the language style you will adopt in your content in advance. If you want to build a bond with your customers and want to give them a peace of mind, then go for a sincere and warm language.

Deciding on the promotions

Placing a wide range of promotions for visitors on social media platforms will increase your recognition. If you need help in promotion, HotelRunner’s promotion widget might be just for you.

Benefiting from this service of HotelRunner, you can share your promotion deals like early booking campaigns and increase the number of your bookings. The promotion widget also enables you to create various discount coupons for your customers. Through coupon codes, you may offer price discounts or gain discounts from the booking sum as commission. You can also determine the validity date of the coupon codes; in which rooms and how many occasions they can be used. Apart from that, you can view the coupons in the tracking and reporting section of promotion widget, while tracking how many times they are used and sales.

Using these tips, you can develop a successful social media strategy and turn your social media campaigns into achievements. This way, you can access a larger group of people and boost your property’s recognition. Using these tips, you can develop a successful social media strategy and turn your social media campaigns into achievements. Create your free HotelRunner account now, benefit from HotelRunner’s privileges and increase your sales.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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