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4 effective ways of increasing bookings for online agencies

Online sales is a field full of both opportunities and struggle. Being exposed to endless opportunities on the Internet, your customers might easily prefer your competitors as a result of any dissatisfactory experience. Research shows that 47 percent of those looking for online travel agencies leave their website without performing the sales transaction.

According to the study carried out by Forrester Research, pricing and technical support problems are determining factors leading such people to leave websites. However, agencies aim to hold the control over their customers by improving themselves in the fields of security and customer services. One of the methods to achieve sales goals is to provide a simple and customized guide for both business and holiday travelers during in their online search. What about the other methods?

Here are 4 effective methods for agencies to improve their services and increase their income with the developing technology.

1. Communicate with your customers

Online travel bookings can be complex at times and customers might give up finalizing the sales at some point within this process. To prevent this, your contact information should be easily accessed on your website. This way, your customers can access you through telephone any time and you can conclude the sales.

2. Be 24/7 accessible

One of the biggest advantages of online sales is that there is no time and space limitation. However, this has a natural result: your customers expect you to maintain your service standard. With an alternative  communication notification in the contact section of your website that is offered even when your customers cannot reach you, you can show that you are always available.

3. Being user-friendly matters

Your guests’ expectations as to online bookings can differ from each other especially when it comes to accommodation and extra services. Nevertheless, the biggest expectation of potential guests from your website for their travel is to obtain information any time and book in the easiest way. If you have a user-friendly website, you can stand out among your competitors by meeting these expectations.

4. Care about the feedbacks

You should pay attention to your customers contacting you and the possible questions they ask through your website when booking. This is because the contacting customer will be more willing to book when the questions are answered. Also the feedbacks you will receive will give you the chance to see what you should improve about your website and online booking system.

Online booking systems can provide a significant data source containing the personal information and preferences of your customers. This source will help you build customer loyalty and increase your sales with further offers after your customers book and travel. You can also carry your property to the Internet by creating your HotelRunner account now and start benefiting from all the advantages offered by the HotelRunner platform.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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