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4 features that add value to your online travel agency

Online travel agencies have a vital role in the tourism industry. Among the age group with the highest online spendings, those planning their travels prefer online agencies to find the best tour packages for them. Moreover, many companies in the tourism industry can access more customers thanks to online agencies.

As a result of the growing demand, many online travel agencies have been launched and major actors from different verticals of the Internet have become involved in this business. This has resulted in more competition. Online travel agencies have this challenging task of overtaking the competition. If you want to stand out in the competition, you better plan the online booking experience you will offer to your website’s visitors carefully.

Here are 4 features that add value to your online travel agency.

1- Price tag draws attention

The cost of the travel is among the most important criteria that your potential customers take into travel planning. If you list your tour prices visibly, your visitors will spend more time on your website and their potential to book will increase accordingly. You can take this a step further  and add a filter for visitors to determine the best price range for them, which will make their job easier.

2- Using images

You should often make use of visual materials like photos and videos. According to studies, users find online travel agencies with images more practical. As the use of mobile devices increase and data flow becomes faster, images now have a determining role in users’ preferences.

3- Cross-platform compatibility

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets are in every part of our daily life. However, these vary greatly across along a wide range of platforms including mobile operation systems. Therefore, your online travel agency’s website and mobile applications should be compatible with different platforms. An online agency site which is not mobile-compatible may cause you to lose your chance to access potential customers.

4- Recognition/Reliability

For Internet users, a website’s reliability is in line with its recognition. Your potential customers can regard your website’s recognition as a criterion of reliability. Therefore, you should feature customer comments on your website and be active on social media.

There are innumerous strategies that can drive customers to your online agency; however, you should remember that your website is strongest source of your online presence. An enriched customer experience is possible with a robust infrastructure and an effective design. You can create online contenct for your agency with HotelRunner’s various smart theme options and accept bookings. Create your account now to enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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