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4 methods to use Twitter more effectively for promotion

As a popular microblog with 650 millions of users worldwide, Twitter is a key platform to promote and market your hotel. According to research, about 500 million tweets are posted on Twitter everyday. With so many posts, you should use Twitter more effectively to raise awareness and reach more people.

As HotelRunner, we have prepared some tips for you to create the most outstanding posts on this area limited to 140 characters to help you if you have just started promoting your online agency on Twitter and Twitter brings you less interaction than you have expected.

1. Timing the posts correctly

There are different user habits on each social media platform. Therefore, Facebook can bring more engagement than you expected regarding your posts, while the case is different for Twitter. This might be because you do not choose the correct timing for Twitter posts. In this case, you can check the timing for your tweets and make sure to post in periods when you receive more retweets and likes. You can time your posts by using a social media tool like Hootsuite or Buffer after determining the best posting time for you.

2. Sharing photos increases engagement

Like many social media platforms, Twitter is also critical for sharing images. According to a study published by Twitter, tweets containing photos, videos and links drive more engagement than other posts. Study results reveal that

The retweet rate for tweets including photos is 35 percent,
28 percent for videos,
19 percent for quotes,
17 percent for tweets with numeric content,
16 percent for hashtags.

3. Communicating with followers

The method to become successful on Twitter depends on better interaction. Your engagement can be enhanced if you respond to your followers in a short time and mention them when necessary. Therefore, it might be useful to take into account and follow any tweet that mentions your agency on Twitter.

4. Reposting the tweets with a higher engagement rate

You can repost some of the tweets that previously created high engagement. Also, posting more about the topics that drive higher interaction may help you.

If you want to attract more visitors to your website and increase your online sales, you may update your Twitter marketing strategy in the light of the information we shared. Join the businesses creating online content, making sales and introducing themselves on social media through HotelRunner. You can build your website in a short time and start making sales, thanks to HotelRunner which provides innovative solutions for the travel and accommodation industry.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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