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4 ways to attract guests to your property during Ramadan

In the past few years, Ramadan coincides with summer, which requires properties to make some special preparations for this month. As Ramadan is the month of fasting, foreigners want to be sure of the food & beverage services they will receive during their holiday.

In Turkey, all properties and businesses continue their activities during Ramadan just like they do in other months. Museums, shopping malls, restaurants and bars are also open during  their normal business hours throughout this month. However, some foreign guests might not be aware of this. Additionally, foreign guests might also not know that every kind of product is sold at all times as there are people who prefer not to fast during Ramadan. Therefore, you can successfully manage your property in Ramadan if you announce that your services remain the same during Ramadan,  by communicating with your foreign guests through your website, blog, social media accounts, by e-mail or telephone.

Properties that want to eliminate decrease in booking rates can manage the Ramadan month successfully with some special campaigns and services. Besides, they can enhance customer satisfaction through such services. As HotelRunner, we have prepared some hints for you to attract customers to your property in Ramadan.

1. Promoting in Ramadan

Providing your potential guests with information about Ramadan can help especially your foreign guests. By utilizing your property’s website, blog and through e-mail or social media, you can emphasize that Ramadan is a symbol of tolerance and special events during this month can be interesting for your guests who want to enjoy a traditional experience.

2. Special Menus

In Ramadan, special menus created for fast-breaking time and pre-fasting can be attractive for many of your local and foreign guests. You can create promotions on your menus for people visiting your property for fast-breaking meal. You can also state that fast-breaking and pre-fasting meals can be an opportunity to introduce Turkish cuisine and traditions to foreign guests. You can also eliminate mistaken assumptions of guests who are not familiar with Ramadan by emphasizing that your normal services also continue in Ramadan with the breakfast, lunch and dinner services offered apart from fast-breaking and pre-fasting meals.

3. Price campaigns

You can determine price campaigns based on your Ramadan occupancy rate to attract foreign guests to your property. Also, Ramadan is a great time for customers preferring less crowded times to go on a holiday. You can inform your guests with your digital marketing tools (website, blog, social media). This way, you can expand your target audience by accessing customers who do not prefer busy properties for holidays.

4. Ramadan events

Concerts, shows, whirling dervishes and many other Ramadan events organized all over  Turkey draw the attention of both local and foreign guests. You can emphasize that it would be a great opportunity for your guests to experience these shows held in historical places of Istanbul.  Organized in properties located in different holiday centers of Turkey, these shows can also be interesting for guests wishing to experience difference cultures. You can also inform your potential guests about various Ramadan events you offer in your property.

The Tourism industry is pretty much open to negative or positive impacts in many aspects. However, you can turn this into you property’s advantage especially when dealing with foreigners who are not familiar with the conditions especially during Ramadan, thanks to sharing information instantly and actively, an opportunity offered by digital property marketing. If you also want to access your potential guests by carrying your property to the Internet and aim to increase your property’s occupancy rate through online booking, come and join HotelRunner. Create your free account now to claim your position in the digital world by building your website without needing any technical knowledge.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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