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4 ways to receive more backlinks for your hotel website

Backlink, which is one of the most effective ways to receive inbound traffic for  your property’s website, is a term that refers to the links to your website from others. Thanks to backlinks, more visitors are redirected to your website, thus your direct sales go up. Besides, the fact that Google’s renewed Hummingbird algorithm puts more emphasis on content and backlinks than keywords makes backlinks too important to ignore for SEO purposes. It might not always be an easy job to receive backlinks. However, some adjustments can help you handle this easily. As HotelRunner, we share with you some of the methods that you can put to use.

1- Contact the authors

The more authors you contact on social media, the more likely it becomes to receive backlinks from them.  Meeting press members or bloggers during organizations or events related to the accommodation industry can be helpful. This will help enhance your recognition level within the industry, improving the chances that the articles mentioning and backlinking to you will be posted in various websites.

2- Create rich content

You should give users a reason to visit the website of your property. Creating unique and rich content is the way to achieve this. Once you do so, your content will be backlinked and referred to by owners of other websites as well as attract more visitors to your website. For this end, entertaining or informative content may in particular prove quite effective.

3- Contact popular websites

A quite effective method to receive backlinks would be to be a guest author on popular tourism websites, writing valuable articles about the industry that will be useful for readers. This way, not only will you strengthen your relations with owners of other websites, but also many potential guests will get acquainted with you.

4- Organize contests

Internet users generally tend to show a great interest in online contests, so you can access potential guests by organizing a contest, which will help generate backlinks. For instance, it might be a good idea to organize a contest to choose the best holiday photo. Users who share the link related to this contest may contribute to generating more backlinks to your website. Backlinks from other websites may ensure a great deal of inbound traffic to your website. Furthermore, this traffic might turn into bookings, which is even more critical. HotelRunner has all features you need to achieve this. Create your HotelRunner account now, get your property online and start to initiate direct sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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