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5 methods of effective travel marketing with Instagram

Founded in 2010, Instagram has become an indispensable website for mobile users in a short span of time. Featuring filters making photos look more aesthetic, this social network’s number of users is increasing rapidly, while businesses are aiming to support their digital marketing strategies by benefiting from this platform to the fullest.

Instagram has become much more than a photo sharing site with its recent updates. Since the feature of sending private messages were added, users’ means of contact has now expanded beyond commenting. Also the videos posting feature makes it possible for users to see products and services in the most detailed way.

Thanks to all these new features, many properties and agencies now focus on Instagram for their marketing strategies. Agencies’ hotel images on Instagram have a high impact on potential customers. Therefore, it is critical to feature true images that will not disappoint potential customers in order to build trust and loyalty.

What can you do on Instagram to promote your digital marketing activities? Here are some tips:

1. Accessing mobile users directly

As Instagram is a mobile application, which means it is accessible easily at any time, this platform becomes more effective. You can reach mobile users directly and effectively through Instagram. Besides, it is free-of-charge and practical. You can get started by sharing a photo or video of the hotels you offer on Instagram.

2. Use of hashtags

Hashtags are the easiest way to view different contents about a particular subject. Just add hashtags to your images by determining the best ones for the properties and tours you offer. For instance, #instaplaces which is used in photos related to traveling and accommodation is among the mostly-searched hashtags.

3. Benefiting from nature

You can receive likes by featuring photos of the landscape, sea and the sunset rather than only buildings. This is because such nature-related posts draw the attention of more users on Instagram. That is especially true if you use the right filters… But non-filtered photos can also draw user attention. It can be argued that recently #nofilter hashtag has become one of the most-followed hashtags of Instagram.

4. Creating video

As video sharing options have become a part of Instagram’s features, a new specification has been added. You can share short details about properties in your videos on Instagram, thus you can present a small property tour for your followers. Short videos including examples from your property’s kitchen, animation team (if any), natural attractions and activities will raise the awareness for your brand, while building reliability.

5. Sharing links

You can share the links to your website in the description section of the photos you share on your Instagram account. This way, you can redirect your followers to your website’s booking section.

In our era, social media has become one of the most important tools for agencies’ marketing. Your most reliable guide in social media is HotelRunner with its wide range of options in the field of digital marketing. Create your HotelRunner account now for everything you need to carry your agency to the Internet and start increasing your sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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