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5 reasons for you to place online ads

Do you include Internet in your advertisement plans for your property? Especially large facilities discovered the advantages of online advertising much earlier, whereas some part of medium- and small-scale hotels still take it slow when it comes to place online ads.

Many businesses continue to publish brochures or advertising on printed media, following a traditional way rather than making an initiative to place online ads. The overall picture shows that it is definitely necessary to include online ads as part of advertising plans. If you would like to get the real worth of your advertising budget, you cannot ignore online ads.

Here are 5 reasons for facilities of any scale in the accommodation industry to place online ads.

1. Targeting

The biggest advantage of advertising online is that it presents innumerable targeting options. First of all, in an advertisement campaign which is based on keywords, the keywords you choose help you to show your ad only to those who are interested when they search for it. This is how you make it easier for users to decide on their purchases.

Moreover, it is up to you to select the location and demographic features of users who can see your ad, which is a great advantage in terms of outreaching your target group in a real sense.

2. Budget control

You can decide on the budget amount you could allocate for online ads every month, every week, and even every day. For instance, when you need to increase occupancy rates, you can instantly increase your budget, and shrink it for the periods during which your hotel is totally occupied.

3. Reporting

Although TV, magazines or newspapers and brochures can be effective means of advertising and marketing, it is not possible for you to know the exact worth you can get from the promotion budget you allocate for such media. However, online advertising allows you to measure, and receive reports related to, what you earn from each of your expenses faster.

4. Obtaining quick results

The expenses made for advertising are vital in terms of their results especially for new facilities. You can create and place your ad and see its results within a short time taking minutes. In this respect, online ads provide quicker results compared to those of traditional advertising media as well as those of other prominent digital marketing channels such as search engine optimization or social media.

5. Competition

The budget allocated for online ads increases every year, which means that each year more businesses are starting to place online ads. The ads of your competitors are probably live and clicked on the Internet as well. If you do not want to lag behind in competition, you’d better get familiar with online ads and increase your sales as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, you need to have a strong website you redirect users to through clicks, in addition to a thoroughly reliable infrastructure that provides online reservation features. HotelRunner is there for you to help you through such cases and much more. The first step to learn about HotelRunner which is specially designed for this industry is to create an account for free now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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