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5 steps to property marketing with online promotional videos

In today’s world, digital channels are becoming increasingly widespread in planning marketing activities. Each day, companies come across yet another innovation in the digital platforms. To build an effective marketing strategy, they have to follow the trends in these channels.

Especially the hotels engaged in the ever-growing and -changing tourism industry should follow these trends closely. Online promotional videos, a recently rising trend in the industry, have become more important for property marketing. As HotelRunner, we have compiled details on online promotional videos and tips for preparing effective promotional videos to contribute to your property’s marketing activities.

Online videos reach more people

The importance and efficiency of online promotional videos lie in the fact that they are spread more rapidly and reach more targeted groups compared to traditional ads published on newspapers, magazines or TV.

Internet users now meet their daily needs such as shopping, paying bills, watching TV series and booking hotel rooms online. In a realm where almost everyone is a user of YouTube, Vine or Facebook, it is indispensable for you to be present on social networks to promote your hotel. Considering that posting videos on social networks bring more engagement than other content, it becomes even more important to promote your hotel through promotional videos on social channels like YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and Facebook.

Brief and effective

Another factor making online promotional videos more effective is that they are shorter than other contents. This way, consumers are able to access information about the product subject to promotion in a very short time.

Studies show that 79 percent of viewers watch only half of the online video ads no matter how short they are. Therefore, the length of the ad is among the first things you should consider when preparing online videos to promote your property. The ideal length for an effective online promotional video might be between 15 and 30 seconds.

Being articulate and entertaining

You should make sure to create to-the-point and entertaining video ads by taking into account the attention span of viewers. Among the common features of viral videos that are watched millions of times include brief, articulate and entertaining content that is completely target oriented.

Creating content without restrictions

Companies have to consider some limitations and legal regulations in ads prepared for TV, newspapers and magazines. However, online ads do not require that. Online promotional videos are not subject to limitations and censorship. This enables companies to prepare more creative, entertaining and effective online promotional videos.

Direct communication with consumers

You can directly access your target audience by creating online promotional videos for your hotel and post them on the Internet. At this point, you should also follow their comments on the videos that you post about your hotel. You may develop your marketing strategies by taking into account customer expectations and feedback based on these comments.

In a world where use of video for digital purposes is increasing globally and 9 of each 10 Internet user view videos, your use of online advertising videos stands out as the most effective method to promote your property. You can promote your property and services in the best way by being present on different digital platforms. Create your HotelRunner account immediately to create quality content for social networks, web and mobile channels, compile all your sales and booking channels under the roof of a single platform.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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