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5 things you need to know about marketing your hotel more effectively on Facebook

Facebook has officially proved to be a significant marketing platform with 1,1 billion active users. No industry tempted to enlarge their consumer outreach could enjoy the luxury of ignoring Facebook and social media. The effects of Facebook and other social networks multiply especially for more social industries like accommodation industry.


There are some preliminary conditions to meet before increasing bookings via effective use of social media. First, you need to be using the right tools. Using a hotel program like HotelRunner is indispensible that helps you manage your business and supports you through social media and digital marketing.

You also need to be aware of some aspects of social media marketing in order to maximize the effects of Facebook marketing. With the aim of helping you on Facebook, HotelRunner has gathered 5 important things to know about Facebook marketing.

Most active days of Facebook

Studies have revealed that Facebok posts shared on Thursdays yield higher interaction. Friday is the second day when Facebook users are most active. Sharing important posts on these two days could significantly increase their effect. At the weekends, it is also clever to share posts on Sundays. According to the statistics, Saturdays are when Facebook interaction is at its lowest.

The best time of the day

If you want to redirect users from Facebook to your website, statistics show that sharing posts during midday hours is more effective because Facebook see the highest number of visitors between 13:00 and 15:00.

Language of photographs

Although it is not a photograph-based social network, it is experienced that the highest interaction on Facebook is ensured via photographs. According to the statistics, posts with photos garner 53% more likes, 84% more clicks and 104% more comments than the average post.

Effect of questions

The best way to engage a person is to ask questions. It also applies to Facebook. Related research shows that asking questions to your potential customers on Facebook is the best way to engage them with you or with your hotel.

Contests and campaigns

Users prefer Facebook as a social platform where they above all can stay in touch with people they know. For a user to like the Facebook page of a hotel, this should bring an extra benefit. Users might love your hotel but, in order to expand your outreach on Facebook, you need to mention the opportunities of your hotel in a way to draw their attention. Studies show that more than half of the followers of brand on Facebook follow that brand’s page in order to be informed about campaigns and discount. You could organize campaigns special to Facebook or prize competitions, while also announcing early booking discounts on Facebook will maximize the effect of your social media strategies.

While managing your hotel in the most effective way, HotelRunner  helps you use social media as a clever marketing tool.  Benefit from HotelRunner’s numerous offers and increase your sales by creating your HotelRunner account  today. No credit card information is needed.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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