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5 tips to help you enhance the engagement on your hotel’s Instagram account

Social media marketing is among the primary digital marketing methods that have been on the rise recently. The main reason for this is, undoubtedly, the interest shown by Internet users towards social networks. Currently, about 1.8 billion people have an account on at least one social media network. This makes it possible for social media marketing activities to reach more people than can be offered by traditional ad methods of magazines or even TVs.

Instagram is among the most significant of social media platforms supporting digital marketing activities of companies. The number of its monthly active users has exceeded 200 million. Therefore, it is critical for you to be active on Instagram. As HotelRunner, we have compiled the tips for you to use Instagram more effectively for an efficient social media marketing activity.

Promoting local highlights

Do not limit yourself to your hotel photos when posting on Instagram. Include images of the region where your hotel is located to impress your followers. Before traveling, people first plan which country or city they would like to visit. Secondly, they look for which hotel to stay at in that particular place. Therefore, you should give information about the nearby places to visit, things to do, nature and history of the city when posting images about your property on Instagram.

Sharing real experiences

The average number of photos posted on Instagram is 40 million on a daily basis, while these photos receive an average of 1000 comments and 8500 likes per second. You may also ask your guests to share photos and videos of their experience in your hotel on Instagram. Posts about your guests’ experiences might be much more effective than promotional shootings.

Using campaigns and promotions

You can create a wide range of campaigns to encourage your guests to share images of their enjoyable stay on Instagram. You may also send them little gifts by selecting some of the images posted. You may even reward your follower who posts about you the most with a nice treat of free weekend vacation.

Online promotional videos

As is known, Instagram has recently added a new feature of shooting and posting videos. Considering that every 9 of 10 people using Instagram watch videos, it might prove effective to share online promotional videos on Instagram. At this point, you should make sure to have a creative and entertaining video, the length of which length does not exceed 15 seconds. These features will increase the number of views and shares for your video.

Following the comments

You should follow comments of your customers – whether positive or negative – about your hotel on Instagram. You should respond to these comments in a cool and positive manner, which will enhance your brand image and customer loyalty.

Instagram is among the most significant platforms you can benefit from for your hotel’s social media promotion. Whichever channel you choose, HotelRunner can help you with your digital marketing activities. With its numerous options for marketing, HotelRunner can help you boost your position in the industry. Take a few minutes and create a HotelRunner account for free to increase your property’s sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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