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6 crucial social media strategies for the accommodation industry

Technology is developing day by day. The number of people who can take advantage of the Internet independent from time and space is increasing thanks to this rapid development. These developments increase the impact of social media accordingly.

Having an increasing influence on the accommodation industry, a wide range of strategies related to this subject have already started to be developed and implemented on social media.  As HotelRunner, we have determined 6 social media strategies crucial for you to maximize the impact of hotels’ social media activities on guests. These strategies can help you stand out from the competition.

1- Determine your target audience

A large majority of the hotels try to address everyone on social media at the same time. However, what you should actually do is to identify and directly focus on your target audience. Properties carrying out their activities in traditional ways can reap better results from their investments in social media once they identify their target audience on the basis of corporate, geographical, communal and cultural elements.

2- Content management is critical

Properties that would like to be engaged in social media more actively should first of all treat the positive or negative guest comments with care. This is because comments regarding your property matter as much as what you say on social media. Properties that cannot manage this properly might have difficulty in social media marketing.

3- Facebook is the most important one

For potential guests, the comments of their friends on social media matter so much that it can affect their decision making process positively. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a super power in this aspect. If you intend to access potential guests that are friends of your guests, Facebook should be a priority for your social media marketing.

4- Images are important

Sharing photos of your property is of great importance in terms of making the most of social media in our era, which is marked by users preferring images over reading articles. Particularly, Pinterest and Instagram can work pretty well for you in this respect.

5- Always measure

When you manage to measure how far you have come on your journey, you can observe if you have achieved your goal. You can both complete your shortcomings and change your strategy accordingly by analyzing guest comments in particular.

6- Your website matters the most

At the end of the day, the goal of your entire social media marketing activities is to lead your guests to your website and enable them to book online reservations directly. Therefore, make sure that your website is integrated with social media and provides you with the necessary facilities.  While doing so, you better check HotelRunner’s features in this regard.

You can use social media more effectively when promoting your property and achieving sales thanks to the abovementioned strategies. Create your HotelRunner account now to benefit from HotelRunner’s features such as social coupons and Facebook page management.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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