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6 methods that will distinguish your online agency’s social media posts

In our era, the path to become an effective, successful and profitable business goes through a successful social media strategy. Research shows the strong potential of social media platforms. In a realm of over 1.184 billion Facebook users, 232 million Twitter users and 5 million YouTubers, it is indispensable for companies to prioritize social media in their marketing strategies.

It is critical to take advantage of social networks to promote your agency. If you think that your agency is not noticed or viewed less than you expect on social media platforms, you might need to change your social media strategy. But how?

As HotelRunner, we have prepared 6 effective tips for you to turn your social media marketing strategies into growth and benefit.

1. Highlight your difference

When sharing posts about your agency on social media, you may follow an effective method, such as highlighting an original and innovative feature or service that distinguishes you from your rivals.

2. Using social media networks interactively

Active presence on all social media networks and using these networks interactively is crucial for an effective social media marketing activity. In this context, you might share comments from different digital platforms on your Twitter account and encourage your guests, who planned their travel through your agency, to post photos that they took during their stay on Instagram. In addition to Twitter, you may diversify your social media posts by using Facebook and Google Plus without the 140-character limitation of Twitter.

You can post your creative videos on platforms like YouTube and Vine. Create a blog page where you post entertaining and positive posts, while sharing  helpful content regarding your industry with your followers.

3.Active presence on Facebook

Currently, Facebook is the biggest and most effective social media platform boasting 1,184 billion users. You may create a group for your agency on Facebook and connect with users directly. On this platform, you can share various photos and videos as well as your contact information. You may direct users to your website with “call to actions” you feature in your Facebook posts.

4. Taking advantage of celebrities

If you have the sufficient budget, you can make your brand a trending topic on social media within in a short time by featuring a celebrity who is suitable for your agency’s image in your promotional activities.

5. Using powerful and meaningful images

Featuring real people in your social media photos or videos might help you reap more effective results. To achieve this, you can take advantage of your customers who had a great vacation experience thanks to your agency. Tapping into campaigns focusing on sharing images, you can access a lot of photos and videos posted by your customers, collect them by utilizing platforms like Pixlee and share them on social channels. This way, you can lead your customers to build an emotional relationship with your agency.

6. Attention to visuality

Design and creativity lies in the center of everything on the online world. Originality and innovative approaches are among the primary approaches increasing the traffic of a website. Therefore, you should aim to influence and excite your customers with photos, videos or written content you create for your website or social media accounts.

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing channels you can use to direct quality traffic to your online agency’s website. You can also create your presence on social media integrated with your online agency and increase your sales. If you would like to move your property online but do not know where to get started, HotelRunner is ready to help. Create your HotelRunner account without losing any time to make use of the privileges offered by HotelRunner platform.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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