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7 hints to help you through preparing texts for your website

Writing may not be easy peasy for some people. Those with a skill for writing may also miss some important aspects of using texts as a marketing tool. Due to such reasons, you may go through futile attempts to create website texts, which, over time, turn into a problem to be solved.

We have good news for you: Creation of website texts, which intimidates many, is a lot easier than you think. When you take into account some basics of writing and marketing, you can create texts in such a practical and effective way that will yield fruits for your sales.

Here are 7 hints from HotelRunner you need to take into account while creating website texts…

1- Know your target group

If you have no idea about who will read your texts, it is less likely to come up with results that work in your favour. Think of your concept and the profile of your guests and determine your target group before starting to write. And of course, the target group and texts of a city hotel serving the business world would differ from those of a hotel renowned for its aqua park.

2- Satisfy your guests’ curiosity

While creating texts for your website, put yourself in your guests’ shoes and try to describe things that they may really be curious about. For example, texts about the number of rooms in your hotel may not be as interesting as those about the view from the rooms. Therefore, get started with added values of your hotel that could be welcomed by your potential guests.

3- A consistent style throughout the website

If texts are created by a team, extra attention should be paid for consistency of the style throughout the website. It might be significantly helpful if the style and tone of the texts are determined beforehand by the most experienced team member.

4- Avoid typos and spelling mistakes

A tiny typo or spelling mistake might cost you more than what you expect. A benchmark for your professionalism, all your texts should be checked and edited at least two times in order to avoid such mistakes.

5- Create short sentences

This is a general rule of writing. The longer your sentences are, the lower number of readers would be. Make sure your sentences are short. Try to think if it would be possible to divide a long sentence into two short ones.

6- Your second target group: Search engines

The priority of your website is of course drawing more potential guests. However, note that search engines frequently visit your website, too. Make sure that your keywords have a place in your texts.

7- Always update your website’s content

Both your visitors and search engines prefer websites updated regularly. If you want to give the users a reason to visit your website again, and if you aim to rank higher on the results page generated by search engines, update your website regularly and enrich it with new content.

We hope that these hints will help you prepare online texts in a more practical way and create a reliable marketing tool from your website. HotelRunner is there to help you  should you need anything related to the management of your hotel. Spend a few minutes and create your HotelRunner account free of charge


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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