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7 important trends in hotel marketing you need to know

Probably no era witnessed such fast and radical changes in marketing trends like those in our era. The biggest problem in the past was extremely high costs despite practical methods, when sales used to be performed through some simple and feasible methods.

In our ‘online’ era, there is a large diversity of marketing methods, which requires maintaining multiple marketing activities on more channels. However, today it is possible for you to have higher efficiency with lower costs if you prefer channels that are best for your property.

To do so, you should be familiar with changing marketing trends. As HotelRunner, we have listed for you 7 important hotel marketing trends that you need to know.

Content marketing comes first

Various studies show that content marketing is the most effective and important method among all marketing activities. Content marketing is not something new, but it always remains crucial and is a field that anyone engaged in hotel marketing should be curious about.

Marketing becomes visual

Digital marketing is developing with more emphasis put on visuality. Just like social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, which are abundant in images, Facebook also features visuality in its new design, which is something expected given the positive reactions of consumers for visual communication.

Facebook is the most important channel

None of the changes in digital marketing has affected Facebook’s position as one of the most important marketing channels. It is almost an obligation for you to include Facebook in your marketing strategy as it has 1,1 billion users and adopts ever-growing interaction methods.

Reputation management rises in importance

Users have the chance to express themselves on more platforms thanks to media such as social network websites, blogs and review sites. Currently, it has become a must for hotels to know anything told about them and respond to them before it is too late.

Mobile devices

Did you know that users spend 14 times more time on mobile devices than they do on desktop computers? Mobile devices have become the key to open digital marketing gates. So you have to make your website compatible with mobile devices before it is too late.


However, you cannot ignore computers. You need to access users from multiple tools like mobile devices and computers, both through your website and social media, and your very message should access them through such channels at the same time. You need to be able to plan how you convey your marketing message on all platforms simultaneously through the most convenient method after determining those you should be active in.

Cloud computing based services ensure distinction

All you need is cloud computing based tools and services to manage all these processes with substantial methods as well as with acceptable costs. For reference, we suggest you to take a look at our article on cloud computing for hotels, which we have recently posted.

What you need for your hotel is a cloud computing-based infrastructure developed specially for accommodation industry in order to follow and practice all trends. That’s why HotelRunner has all you need. Create your account for free and test the features of your low cost and efficient hotel software for which you pay only for what you use.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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