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7 key hotel marketing tips for starters

You have just made a huge investment and started a hotel. The next step is to create an effective marketing strategy for your hotel. Property marketing requires taking into account many things at the same time. Many hotels prefer engaging companies specialized in this area or building marketing strategies with experts in house.

In our era, digital marketing is the focal point of all marketing activities. How to get started when building an effective marketing strategy is the most important issue in minds of property owners and managers.

Here are some effective tips that we think will guide you.

1. Highlight your uniqueness

When building your marketing strategy, you can get started by focusing on an original or innovative feature or service. Such a feature might be the original architectural design of your hotel’s or property’s building. Also, if your property is beachfront and has a private beach, you may highlight this feature as well.

2. Incorporate economic diversity

When underlying your property’s luxury and comfort, make sure not to appear to be intimidating about your pricing so that price-sensitive customers will not run away from you. You can attract more customers by pricing your services and preparing your promotions according to needs of different socio-economic classes.

3. A user-friendly Internet page

When building your hotel’s website, make sure to have a design that allows visitors to access information easily. The main focus of successful digital marketing is a site design that enables visitors to quickly access information about pricing, room alternatives and services.

4. Keep up with technology

Another key hint is to prepare the necessary infrastructure to accept booking and payments through your hotel’s Internet page. Helping you with this, HotelRunner offers a platform which allows you to accept online credit card payments through full integration with many payment systems including PayPal.

Considering that a large majority of users book and pay through mobile devices, you better make sure that your hotel’s Internet page is mobile-compatible.

5. Have presence on social media

In a realm of over 1 billion Facebook users, over 200 million Twitter users and countless YouTube users, it has become indispensable for any company to be present on social media. Social media platforms are the only way of reaching such a large audience to promote your hotel.

Making social media marketing the lynchpin of your marketing strategy might play a key role in your success. You should be actively present on all social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor and share videos and photos on channels like YouTube and Vimeo.

6. Encourage booking

In digital marketing, attracting visitors to your page and offering them special discounts to lead them to booking is a better idea than concluding sales quickly. This way, you can make realistic and long-term plans as to your hotel’s occupancy rate and revenue estimates.

7. Connect with travel agencies and local tour operators

Travel agencies and tour operators are still effectively relevant to the tourism industry. Therefore, it is crucial to collaborate with travel agencies as part of your hotel’s marketing strategy. At this point, you should make sure that they also provide creative solutions for you.

Reflect on the tips we have shared to build new strategies for marketing your property. Trust HotelRunner as a supporter for innovative and creative solutions in building effective marketing strategies. If you want to reach  your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create your free HotelRunner account and start using the features offered by HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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