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8 tips to create videos with Vine that will attract your customers

Micro-blogging (real-time short content share) networks have entered our lives with Twitter, and now continue to exist with Vine, the fast-growing video-sharing platform. We previously introduced you to Vine, which makes it possible to post short 6-second videos. Like Twitter, it is a very effective network as well as being a platform for entertaining posts. This power of Vine draws the attention of marketing and advertising professionals.

Vine videos, which can be paused and resumed easily as they are being created, make it possible to turn different ideas into reality. Also, it is thought that these features improve the creativity of those creating these videos. You can also promote your online agency by tapping into the interesting features of Vine.

As HotelRunner, we have collected some hints for you to create effective Vine videos about your agency and the products you sell.

1. Use of Agency title and logo

You cannot share a long story about your agency through a 6-second video; however, using your agency’s title and logo can be a smart method. This way, you can create a permanent effect about your property in short videos.

2. 6 seconds or 6 words?

Although Vine has become popular in a short time, it is still a relatively new social network. It has restrictive aspects for us, who are used to long-length videos like we post on YouTube. It should be noted, however, that communicating a visual message in 6 seconds is much easier than impacting people with texts formed of 6 words. Before posting videos on Vine, it might be useful to practice with test videos to get used to this time limitation.

3. Cutting the video into sections

You can treat your Vine video as if it is like other videos that do not have a time limitation. This is because viewers’ expectations about stories do not change although the length is shortened. Therefore, you can cut your Vine video into sections like introduction, body and conclusion.

4. Choosing the content

No matter how important your short video is it is important to make the necessary preparations for the content. Just like in other video marketing tools, videos on Vine draw attention if they feautre informative content about your industry and if they are “how to” videos or product introduction videos.

5. Mobile view

If your video is not viewable on all platforms, it might not bring you much benefit. Therefore, it is critical to test if your videos can be viewed on mobile devices in particular, considering the ongoing trend to prefer mobile devices to access social networks.

6. Creativity

Being creative is crucial on Vine as well. You can come up with new ideas rather than using some parts you previously used in different channels or utilizing the same content.

7. Setting goals

Entertaining and funny posts easily draw attention. However, yielding return will be much easier if you build your videos on certain goals, such as promoting various properties you are selling or boosting your sales.

8. Creating a posting schedule

You can post your videos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, you should be consistent about timing. Sticking to a posting schedule you will set beforehand will make it easier for users to follow you.

Vine is a critical social network in terms of your digital marketing activities. Using Vine properly, you can access potential guests through an effective social sharing platform. HotelRunner can help your property take the advantage of social media networks. HotelRunner is always there for you to create your website supported by social media links and provides the option of online booking. Create your HotelRunner account now and start earning with online sales immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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