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9 tips for using Twitter more effectively when marketing your property

With approximately 230 millions of users, Twitter has become a key marketing medium for hotels today. Using this huge social network in the right way provides a great advantage for businesses.

As HotelRunner, we share 9 crucial tips that will hopefully work well for your property to make the most of Twitter.

1- Customize your profile

Whether or not the users checking your profile will follow you depends on the description of your profile. A descriptive text consisting of 160 characters will help users learn more about you as well as contribute to the number of your followers considerably and quickly. 9 tips for using Twitter more effectively when marketing your property

2- Mention your followers

The more followers you have, the more potential guests you will attract. Mentioning your guests in your messages shared with active users can be something they might like.

3- Accessing quick plan makers

Being able to identify vacation goers among your Twitter follower base will be a definite help. You can follow your potential guests to keep up with their posts and what is on their agenda. Accessing them at that exact moment when they are about to travel will both facilitate their search efforts and increase your sales.

4- Responding to questions(issues) enhances satisfaction

You can overcome inconveniences before they get bigger by responding to potential questions and issues of your guests. The quicker you respond to your customers, the more enhanced their satisfaction becomes.

5- Timing is critical when tweeting

It is quite normal to tweet about the opportunities and services offered by your property. However, you better decide how often you will tweet while doing so. Tweeting too frequently will most likely pester your followers.

6- Announce the offers

Many users will be interested in the offers and promotions provided by your hotel for guests. Twitter can be an ideal medium for sharing discounts and advantages that will take you one step ahead of other hotels.

7- Promote your hotel with images

The photos you will feature in your tweets matter as much as its content does. You will receive highly positive responses when you post photos from your property, particularly the photos showing your meals, services and the motivated and smiling faces of your staff members. Photos of guests having a good time in your property might also draw the attention of your followers.

8- Take the advantage of guest experiences

You can reshare, i.e. retweet your guests’ comments on your property. Your responses to the related comments will make it easy for your guests to receive valuable information about your property.

9- A measurable investment

One of the strongest aspects of Twitter lies in its function as a social media medium through which you can receive feedback. Just checking which of your tweets are retweeted the most or favorited can help you understand what your guests like or dislike. Therefore, it will be easier to determine your targeting and content strategies.

Serving as a significant marketing medium for hotels today, Twitter is extensively used on social media. If you also would like to have an influential presence on social media, all you need to do is just visit HotelRunner and create your account.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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