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Advantages to the accommodation industry offered by the Internet

Tourism & accomodation industry is one of the major industries in Turkey, growing in importance by each passing day. While annually-increasing number of tourists and occupancy rates make this industry even more attractive, they also provide all hotels with unique possibilities and opportunities.

Presently, the accommodation facilities which are more informed about the Internet and take a better advantage of online facilities not only enjoy higher occupancy rates, but they also lower their costs and accordingly boost their per-room profitability.

Although ability of hotels to carry out online reservation and room booking operations is very significant, this is not the only advantage offered by the Internet. Accordingly, we, as the HotelRunner team, have compiled for you a list of Internet’s advantages to hotel management industry, from sales to marketing and HR to customer relations.

Online Sales

Online sales form the primary and direct contribution that the Internet offers to the accommodation industry. Travel agencies used to be the almost exclusive sales channel for many hotels; but not anymore. Agencies continue to be important; but the Internet allowed businesses to establish and manage their own processes regarding online reservations and sales operations.


There are nearly 2.5 billion Internet users around the globe. The number of active Facebook users reached 1 billion, while there are hundreds of millions of people being actively involved in Twitter.

That is, a significant part of the global populance have online presence, and the daily average time they spend on the Internet is on the increase by each passing day. The fact that users prefer the Internet at an ever-increasing rate to make their hotel reservations turns the Internet into a very efficient channel for marketing activities that target these users.

Human Resources

HR is a matter of utmost importance to large hotels, chain hotels and seasonal hotels. Online performance of the efforts with regards to finding the staff that is appropriate to the hotel’s needs, vision and quality will not only accelerate the whole process, it will also allow businesses to keep an up-to-date portfolio all the time. In this way, it may prove much easier to find and employ the necessary and right personnel, even in times of unexpected peaks.

Cost-efficiency, increasing profits

Businesses that utilize the Internet to carry out countless different transactions, including receiving reservation, completing guest information forms, obtaining quotations, will enjoy considerable time efficiency in these processes, which employees would take longer to complete if handled otherwise, therefore decreasing their costs. While the hotel enjoys increasing profitability by carrying out their own room sales operations, migration of brand loyalty activities to the online world also translates to more efficient use of very valuable resources by hotels.

Connecting with customers

It is a matter of utmost importance to every hotel today not to overlook, to obtain as soon as possible and to respond quickly to the message conveyed by customers to businesses, whether those involve satisfaction or complaints. The Internet not only ensures easier and faster operation of these processes, it also enables you to manage more appropriately any request or expectation of your customers. In addition to being a considerable marketing tool, the social media may also prove a very efficient customer relations tool for both before and after sales.

All these are only some of the significant advantages that the Internet offers for hotels and all kinds of accommodation facilities. In HotelRunner Blog, we will be posting many kinds of useful information that you can take advantage regarding this and similar matters. Meanwhile, please take a look at the HotelRunner’s features to determine the matters about which the blog can provide help.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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