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Another HotelRunner success story: Pierre Loti Hotel

A hotel’s website is where the hotel introduces itself to its potential guests. Guests who have not seen the hotel yet find the answer to all their questions first in the hotel’s websites. This way, businesses can get one step ahead of their competition in the industry by ensuring an enjoyable accommodation experience and seamless vacation, and by building trust with their staff as well as reflecting all these through its website.

Accordingly, HotelRunner is happy to work with prominent names of hotel management and help them with their websites and content. Pierre Loti Hotel, one of the leading businesses aiming to deliver its high standards and experience to the customers, is among the properties that we collaborate with within this scope.

As HotelRunner, we take due diligence in carrying out tailored activities to contribute to the marketing strategies of our customers. Within this scope, we launched a coupon code activity for Pierre Loti Hotel through which we reaped major results. Coupon codes, which are among the services offered by HotelRunner for its customers, make it possible for properties to create various campaigns and announce them on their websites or social media, while offering discount opportunities for potential customers. Hotel customers using these coupons benefit from a discount while booking.

Creating coupon codes is an effective method to increase the number of bookings for properties. Thanks to HotelRunner’s coupon code and promotional features, you can announce your special campaigns both on your website and social networks.

HotelRunner’dan bir başarı hikayesi daha: Pierre Loti Hotel

We took a major successful step within the scope of the coupon code activity by incorporating the discount advantage of Pierre Loti Hotel into its introductory video. The viewers of the video received discounts when booking via the coupon code displayed in the video. This coupon campaign increased the viewing rate for the hotel’s introduction video by a total rate of 170 percent. Furthermore, the hotel started to accept bookings from customers wanting to use this code since the very day this video was published.

As HotelRunner, we aim to offer creative solutions for our other customers like Pierre Loti, which showcased a great marketing campaign across digital platforms. Here are some details related to this collaboration with Pierre Loti Hotel that chose the HotelRunner platform.

Pierre Loti Hotel Website

One of the most crucial criteria for hotel websites is that hotel information should be satisfactory for your potential visitors. You must adopt an accurate, reliable and fluent voice when defining your hotel so that users can access your website and become leads. On Pierre Loti Hotel’s website, one can see the current standing of this experienced business, its service quality, accommodation standards, and all other useful information for visitors.

The hotel overview section includes the history of the property, nearby cultural venues and entertainment centers nearby, and distances to the airport and city center, just like how it should be for any hotel’s website. This tab also includes extra information regarding check-in hours, paid and free-of-charge services.

Additionally, a hotel website may include information about hotel rooms and room types, details such as the café, opportunities offered by the hotel and even the menu options.

The coupon code campaign: a great success

It is indisputable that the visual content on websites are more effective than written content when it comes to impressing visitors. The video on Pierre Loti Hotel’s website is a perfect example to this.

To increase the viewing rate for this introductory video, Pierre Loti Hotel has prepared a discount code through HotelRunner. This property has featured this 10-percent discount code in its introductory video, thus spread the word about this through all its social media accounts.

HotelRunner’dan bir başarı hikayesi daha: Pierre Loti Hotel

The social media effect

Keys to this campaign include HotelRunner’s robust coupon code structure and its social media integration features. This code has drawn the attention of social media followers who are aware of the strong Pierre Loti Hotel brand. This way, the hotel has increased not only its bookings, but also its brand recognition through more reposts and shares.

All these activities prove that HotelRunner offers much more than just a digital platform to book online. We create marketing solutions for hotels ranging from social media activities to discount coupons. These abilities make HotelRunner a significant solution partner for many businesses.

Don’t lose any time and get to know HotelRunner if you want to have a fully comprehensive website like Pierre Loti Hotel, while increasing your bookings by defining discount codes and implementing social media integration. To achieve this, just create your free HotelRunner account.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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