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Can social media become an effective marketing channel for luxury hotels, as well?

In our digital era, many effective channels of promotion have emerged. One of them, social media, has made it much easier to access your guests as it allows you to reach millions of people instantly. Although social media appears – at first glance – as a more suitable promotional option for boutique hotels, the case is actually a bit different.

Luxury hotels with a brand value that avoid making any compromises on their quality can take considerable advantage of social media to acquire more shares in the growing market and surpass their rivals. All you need is to keep up with the changing guest profile, take customer comments into consideration and have the right tools to achieve all these.

Guest comments that strengthen brands

Social media is a platform which Internet users not only follow passively, but also take part in actively. Their comments can reach millions of users in a short time and have an effective role in decision-making process of these users.

Guest comments can be quite helpful for luxury hotels to maintain and improve their existing reputation. However, if some luxury hotels do not take social media into account, negative guest comments about them can spread quickly and damage their reputation.

Therefore, luxury hotels should be capable of following and measuring social media closely, and responding to comments when necessary. To do so, they better build a dedicated internal team or work with an external partner.

Changing guest profiles affect social media as well

With the change in guest profiles, business travels have been replaced by business meetings as well as guests traveling for holiday.  So, the differences between business travelers and vacationers have also become less significant.

Business travelers visiting your property are now as active on social media as vacationers are. Similar to vacationers, social media is the first media channel that business travelers will use to share their joyful experiences in your property and dissatisfactory ones if any.

If your property aims to accommodate prominent guests from the business world, you should consider that each of these executive professionals is also a user of social media, and you better meet the expectations of these guests who are referred to as “digital elites”.

A website that supports social media marketing

There are a variety of features that can make a luxury hotel a member of this class and your website is not an exception anymore. You should make sure that your website reflects the image of your luxury property by incorporating an infrastructure with the most advanced features, multiple payment options, multi-lingual support and a peerless user experience. Following your promotional activities on social media, your potential guests will be directed to your website and you will have a great advantage once your website has the abovementioned features and manages to operate in line with your social media marketing plan.

In our era, social media can be quite an effective marketing channel for all hotels of any size and concept. In this respect, HotelRunner offers you a website, Facebook page and issues social coupons as well as all the features you need for promoting and marketing your property. You can enjoy a website that reflects your property and the digital marketing opportunities now by creating your HotelRunner account immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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