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Can you make the most of Twitter while promoting your property?

It is a matter of time for every company engaged in social media marketing to create their own style. Once you become familiar with a social network and understand how it works, posts can be created and shared easily. This facilitates things for those engaged in social media marketing; however, it may also prevent them from seeing the updates and opportunities in that platform. Twitter is a good example for this.

As a popular microblog with millions of users worldwide, Twitter is a critical platform for promoting and marketing your hotel. This platform is quite an effective channel for your 140-character original posts as well as for spreading the content you create on your blog, website and other social platforms. Another advantage of this channel is the growing popularity of mobile devices. Most of us know Twitter only as a platform where texts and links are shared. However, changes and improvements require us to review our habits as users.

Well, can you make the most of Twitter in promoting your hotel?

Changes in Twitter

Featuring mostly posts with text contents since its foundation, Twitter brought in significant innovations about visual posts a while ago. In October 2012, it acquired the Vine application, which allows one to shoot and post 6-second short videos, opening the gateway to posting videos. Thanks to the preview feature of Twitter, we can directly view the images that used to be displayed only when clicked on them. Finally, changes in design and function which have been announced in the beginning of 2014 but are optional are of interest not only to individuals but also to brands.

The power of images

If you incorporate new features when using Twitter to market your property, this may help you benefit from a significant potential. You don’t have to change your entire Twitter strategy to do this. Research shows that using images in posts is critical. A tweet with a photo is 89 percent more likely to be favorited and 18 percent more likely to be clicked on compared to a tweet without one. A tweet with a photo is 150 percent more times retweeted compared to those without a photo. With Twitter’s new interface that is expected to become default, users will be able to enable their newsfeed to contain only photos and videos.

Time to change habits

It is important to determine a content strategy tailored for each platform on social media, but it also matters to keep up with the updates so that this strategy can be flexible. Taking advantage of images, which become more important in social networks, can help you obtain better results from your marketing and promotional activities. We recommend you to post unique photos and videos of your property. You can display the events you organize or natural attractions in your region to your followers through Twitter. With its growing number of users, Vine can also be quite an effective marketing channel for your property.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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