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Cloud Computing for cost saving, efficiency and more to manage hotels

Cloud computing has become a byword in many areas of business life. Turning into a focal point for almost all industries, cloud computing is increasingly important for accommodation industry. Cloud computing is a key player in many processes of accommodation industry where the competition runs wild and details to manage pervade the processes. Going Cloud is a not-to-miss opportunity to make all these processes more practical, efficient and profitable.

In the past, hotels with a penchant for technology in hotel management had to sacrifice high amounts for infrastructure, while being in need of continuous technical support for a system to run properly. Cloud Computing is a general name for the services that eliminate all these problems, reduce regular expenses and help much more effective use of technology.

Are you engaged in accommodation industry? If you would like to carry your hotel to a higher level in terms of swiftness, efficiency and cost-saving, give this article a read…

Easy access

Cloud Computing enables many procedures to take place on the Internet, independently from the devices used. It also prevents dependency on certain devices, locations and even time as it allows access to several services via a computer, through a browser or a special interface.

Low investment costs

Now that users are not in desperate need to buy technological equipment required for such services, they either make regular albeit low payments for cloud computing instead of investing enormously in a service or pay as they use the cloud (i.e. as they earn more), which is what HotelRunner offers.

Technical support that comes with the package

In addition to preventing huge investments in technical equipment, cloud computing also eliminates extra expenses such as service fees or replacement parts in case of a technical problem since your cloud computing partner fulfills all such responsibilities.

Ultimate security

Companies which install their own technical equipment are supposed to take security measures for themselves. In the case of cloud computing, however, security-related issues are completely under assured by service providers.

Partnerships and collaboration opportunities

Cloud computing has a structure that is friendly towards conditions that come with partnerships. Each assigned with different roles, members of your staff sometimes need to work together and cloud computing will deliver faster and more efficient results.


One of the most important advantages of cloud computing is that you can use it only as much as you need and then change the services and resources you flexibly use if your circumstances change. In this way, both a small hotel with 20 rooms and a giant chain of hotels can use the same service in the way their needs require and they pay for the services only up to the amount they use. When the number of rooms or facilities changes one click is enough to re-arrange the capacity of the cloud in accordance with the current needs.

HotelRunner is among the most enhanced cloud computing services needed by accommodation industry under current circumstances. Thanks to its capacity, HotelRunner helps you increase your hotel’s efficiency and decrease the costs in the most practical way, no matter where your hotel is located. Equip your hotel with the service it deserves: Introduce yourself with HotelRunner  and start increasing your profits from now on…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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