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Common features of viral videos that will contribute to your property’s promotion

Content, the rising asset of digital media, is one of the biggest powers of digital marketing. The originality, quality and creativity of your content has a major effect on click rates. You may use different types of content for a successful digital marketing activity that will contribute to your hotel’s promotion You may consider viral videos that become a rising trend as they are highly efficient and cost-effective.

Associated with and named after viruses as they spread rapidly among Internet users, viral videos are shared rapidly within a short time so that they reach more users and ensure that the brand is discussed across every social platform.  However, there are no established rules as to creating a viral video. Nevertheless, you may benefit from taking a look at some common features of viral videos that have been shared frequently so far. We have compiled some of these features for you to create an effective viral video.

1. Keeping the advertising element in the background

One of the most important features of viral videos is that the viewer does not think s/he is watching an ad, and is charmed by the video. The content should evoke a certain feeling across viewers so that the advertising element is kept in the background. Contagious emotions like happiness, excitement and astonishment can create the impression that the video is interesting and worth sharing, rather than being a tool of advertising.

2. Video length

Every day, users are forced to watch an increasing number of videos in a limited time on the Internet, which is a bottomless source of information. Therefore, it is crucial for viral videos to communicate their message in a short time. It can be argued that videos giving an idea about the content in a short time have a higher viral potential.

3. Language of the video

If we intend for a video to be shared across the world by going beyond limitations, we should take due diligence in choosing the language we will use. Accordingly a viral video that does not contain speech, or has subtitles if any, or is created in a global language, like English, will serve its purposes better.

4. Shareability of the video

People would like the content they share to create a positive impression to other people. So, they may refrain from sharing certain contents on social media even if they enjoy watching it. As you prepare a video that you want to go viral, the shareability and virality will be easier to achieve if you factor in how it is perceived by the people who are going to share it.

5. The effect of music

Another common feature of viral videos is the use of music. Research shows that 60 percent of viral videos feature music. It is observed that, popular songs are preferred more in the music choice for the video. You can also expand your target audience by making use of the universality of music in your videos.

Each day, millions of videos are published and posted on social networks. You can enhance the popularity of the videos you create for your property’s online promotion and introduce your property and services in the best way by utilizing our tips. Create your HotelRunner account immediately to create quality content for social platforms, web and mobile channels, gather all your sales and booking channels under the roof of a single platform.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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