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The competition in the traditional marketing industry is now raging in the digital world as technology develops. Aiming to access their customers through the Internet, properties and agencies enter the online world by creating digital marketing strategies. There is an ever-growing competition among websites, social media platforms and many other digital areas.

Do you want to make a difference among your rivals and increase your follower base on social media platforms as an online agency?  If your answer is yes, an effective content marketing strategy can help you achieve this. What should you take into account to develop a content marketing strategy that will increase your sales by helping you build relations with your customers?

Here are some tips we prepared for you.

Determining your objectives

First of all, you should determine your content marketing objectives to ensure a successful content marketing plan. These objectives may include building brand reputation, gaining new customers and expanding your target audience. The objectives you will determine can help you in planning what kind of content you will create.

Interests of your target audience

If you want the content on your online travel agency’s website to attract more readers, you can create content about subjects that will help and attract them. You can draw your target audience’s attention by sharing content featuring answers to frequently asked questions on your online travel agency’s website or blog.

Creating narrative content

Making holiday plans is exciting for many people. If you create your content in a narrative style for such an exciting subject, you can manage to draw readers’ attention. If you provide Internet users planning to travel with information in a narrative style, you can increase the viewing rate of your content, which will help you turn readers into customers.

Using keywords

Internet users generally prefer to view first page results when they search online. Therefore, ranking top results in searches is crucial to increase the traffic of your online travel agency. Content marketing is one of the most important tools used to receive organic traffic from search engines. You can build an effective content marketing strategy if your content contains keywords you use in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Being up-to-date

Posting new content regularly on your online travel agency web site is critical to build customer loyalty and brand reputation.  In addition, search engines decrease the ranks of  non-updated websites, so up-to-date content can be highly useful for SEO as well.

Content marketing is a low-cost and highly effective marketing study that you can benefit from to direct traffic to your online agency and increase the number of bookings accordingly. You can easily reach customers by applying our suggestions on content marketing and raise your income. HotelRunner is your best solution partner that supports you in content marketing to online booking so that you can make your agency online. Create your free HotelRunner account now and start making online sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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